Update 26th November 2004


has once again been suffering from enlarged third eyelids possibly due to the over excited new pups sharing the pool.  He has been off his food and looking very sorry for himself so the Animal Care Team have been treating him with antibiotic eye drops three times a day.  After one week of treatment, Magnus is now back in the pool and feeding again.


Fatima has not been feeding this week choosing to spend feed time flirting heavily in front of Magnus whilst he typically ignores her!


Sheba, Anneka and Lizzie have been feeding well and enjoying the company of

the new pups in the pool.


Ray and Marlin have also been enjoying playing with the new pups in their pool.


Attie has had stiff competition for her raft, as pups, Roskilly and Taff, are regular visitors and she has been forced to find alternative entertainment.


Flotsam and Jetsam are on great form at the moment, feeding well and training well. 

Both animals are maturing in to beautiful seals.


Logs and Flipper Ė their squabbling continues but both animals will now feed together,

although Flipper is still a little weary of Logs.


Pepper and Rocky have now recovered from their injuries and are once again living harmoniously together.  They have both been enjoying different fish for lunch this week including conger eels and herring.


Carus and Dipsí pool has now been fixed and they can finally come out of the pool to feed.

However, now Carus has been stealing her fish when she comes out of the pool. 

The Animal Care Team have been very strict with Carus and when he does steal fish,

the Animal Care Team walk out of the enclosure with his bucket and let him stew for a few moments before continuing the feed.  It seems to have done the trick as within a week he has only very occasionally tried his luck!


Thai and Bamboo are very hungry with the drop in temperature and the Animal Care Team have been supplementing their diet with lots of crabs, worms and monkey nuts.  Their heat lamp has also been turned on now at night to keep their holt warm.


Bracken and Tuppence have been receiving lots of grooming sessions this week with all their rolling in the mud.


The Goats have been enjoying munching their way through lots of brambles this week.


Roskilly and Itchen have been doing well in the convalescent pool and catching themselves more than their fare share of the fish.





Trent, Arrow and Red have all been feeding well in the nursery pools and the noisiest seal at the sanctuary.  Red has been moved into the convalescent pool.  


Taff and Blyth have also now been moved to the convalescent pool and have developed a unique feeding strategy of taking a fish and eating half each.


Severn has now recovered fully from her flipper abscess and has now been moved down to the nursery pools.


Wriggle, now down at the pools, developed a cough last week which he has been treated with a third worming in case of lungworm causing her cough. 


Eden and Keekle have been moved down to the pools.  Keekle has lost a bit of weight

whilst down at the pools and the Animal Care Team decided he needed a few days in a pool

by himself before joining the others again.  This seemed to do the trick

as he has now been re-introduced to the others and is feeding well and putting on weight.


Dee has been recovering well from his flipper operation.  Although he is still favouring his other flipper to get around, he is beginning to grip the side of the cage when he is being weighed.


Lew has fully recovered from his injuries and been given the all clear by the vet and has this week been taking to the nursery pools.  He is still a little unsure of the water and the other pups but is spending more and more time in the water learning to feed. 


Esk has taken to fish well and the Animal Care Team are waiting for her wounds to heal before moving her down to the pools.


Camel has made a quick recovery, her wounds are healing and her breathing has improved.  She has been moved from her temporary pen into a hospital pen where she is now learning to feed herself in water before going down to the pools.


Ribble has received a change in antibiotic as the Animal Care Team noticed her wounds were healing slowly and she was running high temperatures.  Her temperatures are now stable and her wounds are healing more efficiently.


Fromeís swollen and infected flipper has now returned to normal with the help of antibiotics and painkillers.  He has become a firm favourite with the Animal Care Team as he is very inquisitive but has a very placid nature.


Dart was rescued by the RSPCA from Salcombe in South Devon on 20th November 2004 and brought to the seal sanctuary the same day.  He was malnourished and had a large infected bite wound to his rear left flipper making his flipper almost twice the size!  Once Dart was stable, he was taken for a x-ray which revealed that his flipper was not broken but that he had a severe bone infection which should be able to be treated with antibiotics.  Dartís flipper will be monitored very closely and may require a further x-ray in 2-3 weeks time to see how he is progressing.


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