Update 26th October 2007
Magnus Still no movement from Magnus or showing an interest in the other ladies, not even Fatima.

Both ladies - Fatima and Sheba are taking an interest in Magnus and competing against each other.

Lizzie has been quiet this week, properly because all the boys are interested in Sheba and she is feeling a little jealous.
Anneka has been rather excited by the amount of items that seems too had been dropped in the convalescence pool by our visitors. If you are visiting please try not to drop items into our pool.

Snoopy normally spends most of her time in the nursery pools, but now ventures out in to the main pool at feeding time. Here she finds the person doing the talk, sits behind them and moans at the top of her voice, until she gets fed.

Ray and Marlin both are hanging around Sheba in the hope that she will notice them.

Attie has also been enjoying playtime with both the Animal Care Team and Ray.

Luna and Sija both are on and off their fish at the moment. Sija has a plan that when she is hungry she does lots of splashing with her front flippers (bit like Magnus).

Flipper has started to make pool cleaning a little challenging by wrapping himself up in the hose and leading the Animal Care Team towards Yulelog, luckily the Animal Care Team have got wise to this.
Mika Rocky had a raft made for him this week as part of his enrichment. Rocky is not so keen, as some of our other residents, to sit on it .

Carus and Boadi were both in front of the camera this week for new photos and even managed a little kiss.

Mika and Chaff both still seem to be moulting at the moment and doing lots of grooming both in and out the water.
This week the otters were helping us to take prints of their paws, this was unsuccessful. Thai ran off with her piece of paper, and gave it back with no paw prints on and covered in mud. Bamboo stood still for one paw print before, standing all over the piece of paper, and once again we had a piece of paper covered in mud.

The goats have been on lots of walks this week with the Animal Care Team.

Ponies were treated to a right good grooming from our volunteers Natasha and Ben. Bracken looked very fluffy.

Reef, our cat, has taken to hiding in the cardboard boxes and tries to hide among the rubbish. So before we tie up the recycling, we have to make sure Reef is not hiding in the middle.
Sahara, the hooded seal, was released back into the wild off the Scottish coast on 9th October 2007. You can follow his progress via satellite tracking if you click on this link. The graphs are updated on a daily basis and you can also see an amazing 3D image of part of Sahara's travels.
Hospital - main area
Mina is now in the water. She is still trying to get use to this idea, as her bottom seems to spend most of the time in the air. Mina has also to remember to close her nose when she dives. Fish is also providing to be uncooperative as it keeps getting stuck under her plastic bucket.

Kitto has now fully moulted and is doing well at feeding himself.

Digory has nearly fully moulted but does have one patch of baby fur. He is angry and likes to show the Animal Care Team his teeth, and refuses to cooperate during treatment and just lies on his back.
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