Sanctuary's Latest News Update 26th September 2008

Fatima has been harassing Snoopy this week, and Sheba decided this looked like a fun game and joined in as well. Lizzie is taking an interest in Marlin as we are in grey seal breeding season and they are doing lots of playing and kissing. Anneka who had a squint in her eye is now all better and back on fighting form. Sheba is hanging out with Fatima and teasing Snoopy, with the breeding season upon us she has at the moment show no interest in any of the boys. Snoopy has been grumpy this week, because she has been picked on by Fatima and Sheba. Snoopy likes everyone to know she has been hard done by and doing lots of moaning. One of our resident seals
Marlin Ray has been full of beans this week and jumping from nursery pool 1 in to pool 2. Marlin (left) is all loved up with Lizzie and being very protective of her. Attie has itchy shoulders and spends lots of time scratching on the side of the pool in front of the underwater viewing windows. Everybody was treated to ice blocks, but Anneka managed to steal them all.
The Animal Care Team have reduced Luna and Sija's feed as they are looking a little on the big side, because they refuse to do any training, they are even refusing to come out of the pool. Flipper and Yulelogs were treated to feed balls which were enjoyed by both, and have also got used to the Animal Care Team coming into their enclosure to feed the fur seals, and they wait patiently for their turn. Yulelogs is being taught to roll over, this is so we can check his belly, we will keep you posted as to how this is going.Yulelogs
Boadi (top) and Rocky (bottom)Love is in the air...but more so for Rocky, who at the moment is like a love sick teenager and following Boadi around the enclosure. Boadi on the other flipper likes the attention, but sometimes can be a little too much for her that she has taken to hiding away from Rocky for a few minutes peace. Both have also started to moult.

Thai and Bamboo - The last of the new herb garden has now been ripped up and become part of their bedding roots and all. These two were also treated to a fish head for a treat. ..Yum Yum!!
Chaff and Andy have had new enrichment toys made for them by the Animal CareTeam, in the shape of fish blocks, they are also playing catch with each other, and having the extra fish not eaten by the sea lions.

Sahara's (right) training is not going too well, this may be because he did some TV filming for America and has now turned into a little bit of a 'Diva' maybe he is thinking next stop Hollywood?
Stanley The goats have had a banquet table made for them by Gavin (site) which is going down a treat. But Churchill is a little under the weather and receiving mulit-vitamin jabs. Catching him to give him his jabs is proving difficult as Churchill can move when he needs to. Perhaps Stanley (left), our sheep, should take a leaf out of his book as he is still refusing to go on walks. The ponies have been out for a walk and are spending lots of time grooming each other. Reef, our cat, has been up to no good this week and has tried to be stealthy and steal fish from the prep area, lucky the Animal Care Team knows when he is about and his attempts have been unsuccessful.
April (right), a rescued seal pup for 2007/8 season, has started to come in to the convalescent pool during feeding time, but this is only to harass the members of the Animal Care Team doing the talk, as she likes to try and bite their legs, which our visitors find were amusing. She is still refusing to eat in the water with the other seals, but hopefully when the pups in the hospital move outside the penny will drop…fingers crossed!April
Skittles Skittles, a rescued seal pup for 2008/9 season, is doing well, she is now in the main hospital, she is very bright and being force fed fish by the Animal Care Team. She has had her second bloods taken, wounds are healing and she now weighs 12 kilos.
Fairy was rescued from Tintagel in north Cornwall on the 20th September 2008. This pup is 2 weeks old and weighs 17.3 kilos, she has a very bad wound to her head close to her ear, which had become infected and other wounds to her head and chin. She also has an ulcer in her right eye, which she is receiving eye drops for, we have also put her on a course of antibiotics and painkillers. Due to her age she is receiving fish soup.

She has been named Fairy after the washing up liquid, as this season they donated some liquid for us to clean the pens and buckets.
FairyFairy is now in the main hospital and her eye is receiving treatment every few hours to help with the infection. Her wounds are healing and she has started to lose her white coat. Fairy is also finding her voice and little shouts can be heard coming from the hospital as you walk by.
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£5 per month will allow us train one additional seal rescue volunteer
£10 per month will pay for one day’s fish for the resident seals

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