Update 26th May 2006

Magnus has been going in the pool a lot this week at feeding time, he has also been itching himself on the steps, and continuing to do a lot of splashing.

Lizzie is still being fed on the side of the pool, but doesn’t like it when the other seals crowd her.

Anneka is fat!! but happy, and enjoying rolling and sliding around the bottom of the pool when it is being cleaned. She also like to race up and down the steps at 100mph, so she is getting a lot of exercise.

Fatima had a treat of a conger eel this week, nobody else got a look in and it was swallowed without hitting the sides. Sheba did manage to grab half of Fatima’s conger eel, and was very kind and shared it with Anneka.

Snoopy has been upset this week by the other seals getting too close to her, but with all the pups now in the convalescence pool, we have opened up the nursery pools, so Snoopy is spending a lot of time in these pools – which has made her happier.

Ray has taken a big dislike to Marianne, and has taken to trying to block her in the caves when she is cleaning the pool, luckily Ray doesn’t like it when Marianne shouts and dives straight back in the pool. We are just waiting for the pups to leave and then we can put some enrichment toys in the pool to keep Ray busy.

Marlin is very hungry at the moment and is acting like a schoolboy in love, this means he swims up to Attie annoys her and then swims off and seems to be shouting ‘I love you’ (if anyone unsure of what I mean see Eddie Izzard – Dressed to Kill dvd).

Attie is a little confused at the moment, as she can’t understand what is happening with Marlin, sometimes he is very sweet and other time he is nasty. Think we need to start explaining the birds and the bees to her, as we think it might come as a shock to her this winter.

Flotsam and Jetsam are both spending a lot more time out the water this week, which means they will probably start to moult in the next few weeks. Flotsam is enjoying having his fish thrown around the pool, and is also doing a lot of barking trying to compete with Chaff.

Logs is looking a little on the thin side, so he is having extra fish at the end of the day. Flipper’s eye is not clearing up as quickly as we would like, so we have changed his medication in the hope that he will respond better. Both had an extra treat of conger eel, but decided a game of tug-of-war was in order first, before devouring it.

Pepper is a little stiff this week and is using her mat a lot more this week, she is also enjoying a lie in the mornings and not waking up until 9am. Rocky has been pestering Pepper for some attention, so the team are thinking of new ways to keep him busy.

Carus has had some extra treats of conger eel and sprats this week, which means the sea gulls, have now taken up residents at Sea Lion Cove. If Marianne had had enough problems with Ray this week, Carus wasn’t looking where he was going and stepped on Marianne’s foot, luckily it was just his flipper, and it didn’t weigh that much. He was also enjoying the attention from Tamara this week, when she cleaned the windows.

Chaff has learned to roll over this week. With Chaff mooing last week, Mika now wishes to get in on the act and has started baa-ing like a sheep and has also learned to do handstands. The Animal Care Team have also made Mika a small ring which she will fetch, and her wound is slowly healing.

Bamboo and Thai were given some mealworms this week to much on, but they go so excited at the thought of this treat that they started to argue. They have also been spending a lot of time in their holt as they are not enjoying the rain. We can’t even get them out in the mornings, they stick their nose out the door to check what is happening, and this makes cleaning very difficult for the Animal Care Team.

Muffin was given a new collar last week after finally destroying the other one; it is still on her head. The ponies have also been returning to the stables early in the evenings due to the rain, and Muffin didn’t like the strong wind, that was here early in the week.


All pups are doing well in the convalescence pool. Bock is amazing and is even stealing fish from the adults, and climbing other them, the other pups could learn a lot from him.

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