Update 26th May 2005

Magnus is not having a great time in the convalescent pool. Now most of the pups have gone, he thought he would be in for some quite time…unfortunately Ray and Marlin want to play and are beginning to bug him to join in with the fun and Magnus is getting very annoyed.

Anneka is squinting a bit in her eye, but is on antibiotics to clear this up.

Snoopy has a bit of a cough again; this will clear up with a course of medication.

All the other girls in the pool Lizzie, Fatima, Sheba and Atlanta are doing great, but nothing much really happening with these guys.

Flotsam and Jetsam are enjoying the increase of visitors this week, and basking in the late evening sunshine.

Yulelog and Flipper also enjoying the evening sunshine, and spending time sitting under the waterfall.

Rocky & Pepper and Carus & Dips are enjoying the sunshine and seeing more faces on site.

Thai and Bamboo have been given some more insects this week, much to their enjoyment.

The ponies Bracken, Tuppance and Muffin have had a spring clean of their stable this week, hopefully this will ease Tuppence’s asthma that has flared up this week. Muffin is looking great now and has had her second vacation, which now allows her to travel aboard.

New pups Briannock and Wey have been moved to the main hospital. Wey is off to the vets this afternoon to have an x-ray for his flipper; this will decide what treatment we give him.

Clyde, Smokey and Ermine were released today at Port Issac, all went well and we have only four left on site.

A joint rescue, involving our Animal Care Team, the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) and the Portreath Cliff Rescue Team, was carried out on Sunday evening (22nd May 2005) of a net entangled seal pup.   However, the injury was only minor, and the seal was treated on the beach before it was released again. Dan Jarvis from the BDMLR has very kindly provided a report on the rescue, click here to read it.

The Sanctuary’s new Cornish Coast Experience is due to be finished this week and should be open early next week for visitor’s.

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