Update 26th January 2007

Magnus is continuing to moult, but seems to be very bright and is also very hungry. He is now taking no interest in the female seals, and the pups that get in Magnus’s way get a swift hit on the head.

Fatima had a treat of conger eel this week, which she stole off Magnus, and headed straight to the cave to eat it all.

Anneka is chasing the Animal Care Team during pool cleaning, and has also been teasing the pups in the Convalescent pool.

Sheba and Snoopy are starting to moult and so have been spending lots of time on the side of the pool shedding and sunbathing.

Lizzie and Attie are still the best of friends and can be found sitting together in the pool. Attie will now come out on the side of the pool to receive her pill fish, but she is quickly followed by Lizzie.

All the females are very fat at the moment!!

Both of Ray and Marlin wounds are still continuing to heal, feeding well. Marlin is having a few problems with the water level and won’t venture in until it is in line with the haul out area.

Jetsam has been help Little Ed and Flotsam out with their new year’s diet by eating all the fish. Unfortunately this means that Jetsam is as big as a house, and will be joining the other two on their diets.

Flipper was given a treat of a feed ball, and both had conger eel chunks which were greatly enjoyed. Flipper and Yulelog are getting ready in anticipation for there photo shoot next week.

Rocky has been superb at his training this week. He will now walk in to the cage – but still has his bottom hanging out. He will then reverse back out the cage, and in to the pool, for his fish reward.

Carus is pleased with the amount of fish the Animal Care Team are now feeding him, and has now stopped eating his pool. The Animal Care Team also treated Carus to a big feed ball, which frustrated Carus, as it took him 15 minutes to get the last two fish out the ball.

Mika and Chaff have been training this week, and the Animal Care Team treated Mika to a conger eel tail, hoping it would give her some enrichment as she tackled her way through it. Chaff being left out wanted some of the action and stole it off Mika, but after a small taste decided Mika could have it back as it tasted funny. This delighted Mika, and as so not to lose it again swallowed it all!

Thai and Bamboo had the builders in this week, to fix a new roof to their Holt. The Otter’s are also starting their own ‘POP IDOL’ and have held auditions this week, first up was Robin Red Breast who made the cut and is now the third member of their band.

Our Goats - Elvis seems a little better this week and is eating a bit more, all the goats had their feet treated to some TLC.

Our Ponies were shocked this week when it started raining and so Bracken and Tuppance made a quick bee line for the stables. Muffin who seemed to be enjoying the grass, suddenly realised a few minutes later that the heavens had opened and RAN back up to join the others.

Reef (our cat) is now the official meeter and greeter at the Sanctuary and waits at the top of the hill, to show our visitors where to go (he properly thinks he can get fish if he is being helpful), he doesn’t mind the adults too much, but is a little scared of our younger visitors.


Convalescence Pool
Magnet, Pebbles, Narla, Spongebob, Pilchard, Pudey, Lilo, Stitch, Boss and Yogi are all continuing to do well in the Convalescence pool, but need to put on more weight.

Nursery Pool
Mowgli, Dory, Pugwash, Taz, Baloo and Nemo have all been moved in to the nursery pool. This is because when we brought in Mowgli and when we moved him to the nursery pool, we discovered he had seal pox, and now we have to quarantine him and everyone who has come into contact with him. Seal pox is like chicken pox that humans get, and we will continue to monitor the seals in this pool. All are still eating well.

Common Seals Pool
Olive and Arial have now joined Bambi and Belle in the Common pool; all continue to do well and are feeding fine.

Hospital - main area
Chip had a trip to the vets this week, to have his wire removed from his jaw. The procedure went without a hitch and he will be kept dry for the next few days and on Monday the Animal Care Team will start filling his pen with water. Pluto has had his second bloods back and are now all clear, he is just having the last of his eye treatment to help clear up his infection. Smurf has been moved to hospital pen No. 3, and we are continuing to treat his wounds, bloods have come back clear. Flik has had a second blood test done and also now weighs 18 kilos and has been flipper tagged orange 36.

Hospital - Isolation
Cyclops continues to have his treated and his breathing monitored, and is now self feeding. Tigger is still receiving treatment for wounds and is now self feeding. Eve is having an extra feed to try and put some weight on her she is also being given fluids first thing in the morning. Her eye is healing slowly, and should heal quicker now we have changed her medication.

Did you know that.....All our pups are up for adoption. Please check out our adoption page for more information.

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