Update 26th January 2006

Magnus and Fatima have spent a lot of time this week cuddling up to each other…so Fatima will have the pill put in to her fish.

Sheba and Ray rekindled their love for one day this week. We think Sheba was a little rough with him, as Ray ended up with a bad eye. Ray was given a course of painkillers and now is eye is all better.

Lizzie has not started moulting yet, but is being very cute and spending her time sleeping with her tongue hanging out.

Snoopy is squinting at the moment and is receiving painkillers, she is also moulting at the moment so is spending a lot of time on the side of the pool. This means she is missing out at feeding time, so the team are hand feeding her a few fish on the side of the pool to keep her going.

Atlanta is still responding to her name, and being nice to all the new pups that are arriving in the convalescent pool, she also helping to feed them until they find their flippers, and start to compete against the adults.

Marlin has been very hungry this week and spent most of his time hanging out with the pups. He is also going up to the underwater viewing window, which he has not done before.

Flotsam and Jetsam have both met are new Manager Michelle, she had her picture taken whilst feeding them. Her induction was complete, when both Flotsam and Jetsam turned around and splashed her.

Yulelog and Flipper have been arguing again this week, but it is getting less, but the team is still keeping a close eye on them for injuries.

Rocky is happy now his fish has increased, and is enjoying the mackerel and sardines. Pepper’s training is being adapted so we can take her out the enclosure; this is in preparation for the up and coming procedure on Rocky.

Carus has been a good boy this week, but his training is not so intense at the moment as we are concentrating more on Dipsy.

Thai and Bamboo have been doing some training this week, to get in to a set of scales so we can weigh them. Thai and Bamboo are still being well behaved otters.

Bracken, Tuppence and Muffin, our ponies, have had their feet trimmed and have been wormed.

Elvis, Priscilla, Churchill and Monty, our goats, have also had their feet trimmed and been wormed.


Guinness, Quinn, Spike and Vixen have now been hat tagged all ready for release when we have some nice weather. Hat tag numbers are Guinness 07, Quinn 05, Spike 09 and Vixen 07.

Tusker’s eye problem is slowly improving.

Blonde is continuing to put on weight at a good rate.

Shambles is still green from the antibiotic spray put on her when she came in, and can be easily recognised in the convalescent’s pool. All wounds are now completely healed.

Bob can be found playing on the raft, and will not move for anything including fish – unfortunately sometimes his stomach gets the better of the situation and he has to move, when he is full it’s back on the raft for Bob.

Bess is still very small but is maintaining her weight.

Slip, Skiff and Scrumpy have continue to do well in the convalescent’s pool, and steadily putting on weight.

Hobson has been showing off his tooth less grin, after arriving at the Sanctuary with teeth missing, this has not affected his feeding and he is slowly putting on weight.

Doom, Fawn, Wombat, Wilson, Speckle, Bailey, Stella, Amber, Storm and Guvnor are all in nursery pools 1, 2 and 4 and are all feeding well and making a lot of noise

After the last couple of weeks, Casper, Ghost and Ouiga have now adjusted to the convalscents pool, all are feeding well, and are now the biggest pups in that pool, and will be released very soon.

Josh is doing ok, but has a little bit of a low temperature at the moment. He has also learnt to feed him self, and will be having second bloods taken on Friday.

Spingo has had a visit from the vet this week. He is still a little wheezy, but we have taken him off the antibiotics. He is now on a decongestant to help break down the flem.

Sting’s wounds have now all healed and he is feeding by himself. We will also be taking bloods on Friday.

Tanglefoot has been suffering from an abscess on his rear left hock – this has had to be lanced and a swab taken, which has come back clear. Tanglefoot has turned into a monster over night, and is now very feisty.

Since Ginger arrived she has put on 2.5 kilos in the last 2 weeks and now has a little fat belly on her. She is still on multi-milk every 3 hours and if blood is clear, will be moved on to fish soup at the end of the week, and taken off antibiotic. She has also started to moult and loose her white coat.

Bogart has had a swollen jaw since he arrived and so on Thursday went to the local vets to confirm what we thought might be a broken jaw. The vet checked Bogart over and confirmed it was a little loose and the best thing for him was to put a piece of wire through his jaw to hold it in place, so it would heal. This piece of wire will stay in place for 3 ~ 4 weeks until the jaw has healed.

On Monday (23rd January 2006), the Sanctuary released four seals, Mite wearing hat tag number 02, Thatcher wearing hat number 03, Skinner tag number 04 and Pumpkin. All were easily put into the cage at the Sanctuary and quite happily came out of the cage straight in to the trailer. On arriving at the beach, the Sanctuary staff were met by a film crew from BBC Seaside Rescue who were on the beach the day Mite was rescued and were now joining us for her release. Thatcher was first out and headed straight for the water without looking back, the other three on the other hand took a little persuading. It took the three of them a little while to get their flippers and soon Pumpkin and Skinner headed off towards the sea. Mite on the other hand headed for the stream on the side of the beach but the steam was flowing faster than expected. Mite got in to the steam and rolled over and over down to the waters edge. Mite found his flippers and headed off out around the point.

Pumpkin was released back into the wild on 23rd January 2006 - Photo was taken by Rachael VineSeals were released back into the wild on 23-01-06 - Photo was taken by Rachael VineSkinner was released back into the wild on 23rd January 2006  - Photo was taken by Rachael Vine

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