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Issue 65
25th December 2011

Merry Christmas

Rescued Pups Update for 2011/12
Paul Watson
A pup was found in Port Isaac in north Cornwall on 13th December 2011, sheltering from the bad weather malnourished and dehydrated with a swollen front left flipper.

The pup was weighed on arrival at the Sanctuary and found to be 16 kilos and around 10 weeks old; this little boy has been named Paul Watson (photo below).

Paul Watson is exhausted and spends most of his time sleeping, he may also be suffering from a broken flipper and a trip to the local vets will confirm this and the next course of treatment.
Paul Watson
Louis Theroux
This little pup around 10 weeks old was found at Mousehole on 13th December 2011.

The pup was malnourished and dehydrated with wounds to rear flippers, tail and hip, this pup also had a slight swelling to its front left flipper, but this has now gone down.

This pup is a little boy and at 17 kilos is underweight and has been called Louis Theroux (photo below). Louis is also spending lots of time sleeping.
Louis Theroux
On the 14th December 2011 we received a call about a seal at Padstow, with volunteers close to location, they headed out and found the pup malnourished and dehydrated and would need to be brought in.

Whilst members of the Animal Care Team prepared a pen in the hospital, a phone call from British Divers Marine Life Rescue team (BDMLR) told us that the pup was a common seal.

Sure enough when members of the BDMLR´s team pulled up at the Sanctuary, we agreed that it was indeed a Common seal, underweight, dehydrated and very lost as we do not normally have Common seals in Cornwall, the nearest area is around Wales and South East Ireland.

Holly as she has been named because she was found at Ivy beach is doing well and should be released back into the wild very soon.

Photo (below) was taken by Faye Archell of the BDMLR.
Van Persie
Van Persie, a 5 weeks old male pup, was found on the rocks at the end of Marazion beach in very rough weather by Claire and Amy (two of our Animal Care Team) on 16th December 2011, he was malnourished and weak with a swollen muzzle and puncture wounds all around his mouth.

Upon arrival at the hospital and after a clinical assessment, Van Persie was given fluids before being moved onto fish along with antibiotics, anti-flammatories, multivitamins and iron tablets.
Van Persie
Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa, a 3 weeks old male seal pup, was rescued from Najizel by the members of the BDMLR and the Animal Care team on 17th December 2011, he was malnourished and weak.

Update - Frank Zappa (photo below) has been moved outside to the nursery pools.
Frank Zappa
Clarence Worley
On the 17th December 2011 we received a call about a pup at Mothers Ivey´s Bay near Padstow. Members of the BDMLR were asked to assess the pup´s condition and see if it needed our help.

The pup did need to be brought in and at the Sanctuary a full clinical assessment was carried out, the pup a little boy was around 10 weeks old malnourished weighing just 18 kilos with numerous puncture wounds to flippers and body, also dehydrated and exhausted. This pup has been named Clarence Worley (photo below).

Update - Clarence Worley is an aggressive pup and on the 24th December was moved out to the nursery pools.
Clarence Worley
Tony Hawk
We received another call on the 17th December 2011 this time about a seal pup at Trevean Cove. The pup was found on the beach and needed the help from our expert staff.

At the Sanctuary a clinical assessment revealed that it was a little boy and around 12 weeks old malnourished weighing just 19 kilos with puncture wounds to rear left flipper which is also slightly swollen.

The pup has been named Tony Hawk (photo below).
Tony Hawk
Mary King
We received a call on the 21st December 2011 about a pup at St Michaels Mount, due to its condition it was decided that the pup would need treatment at the Sanctuary.

This little girl was around 8 weeks old very malnourished at only 13.5 kilos, completely exhausted with numerous puncture wounds to flipper and tail which would need to be cleaned and treated. This pup has been named Mary King.
Mary King
This year's pup names
This year´s theme for pup names is "My Hero". We have been asking all team members and members of the public to tell us who their hero is; this could be a family member, a famous celebrity or just someone who has had a positive impact on their life.
Animal Adoptions and Donations
If you would like to help with the cost of rehabilitation, it can cost up to £1500 to rehab each pup, you can help by taking out an adoption.
If you do find a pup on the beach, please call the Sanctuary on 01326 221361, and follow this advice:-

DON´T attempt to handle the pup.

DON´T attempt to put the pup back in the sea.

DO keep your distance.

DON´T ignore the situation.

DO tell the National Seal Sanctuary call 01326 221361.
Seal Pup in the wild Adoptions start from £25,
click on this link
for more information or
email the adoption coordinator at

Make a donation, click here for more details.
Thank You to everybody who has visited the Sanctuary this year, and supporting the work of the Sanctuary.
Thank You to the hundreds of volunteers who also help with our rescues this year.
Our next update will be in 2012, we will see you then.

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