Update 25th August 2006

Magnus has been spending a lot of his time sleeping in the pool this week, and even been slow to wake up. Now he does not pop his head up until the Animal Care Team (ACT) finish their talk.

Lizzie has been coming out onto the side of the pool, grabbing one fish and then going back into the pool to eat it before coming back out onto the side of the pool for another fish.

Sheba is still being very gentle this week, and will wait now with her flippers on the side of the pool for her turn to have a fish.

Fatima is not very hungry this week and just waits for the fish to be thrown to her.

Snoopy has been moaning and groaning this week for two reasons. One, being fed sardines which she really dislikes and Two, she can’t get into the nursery pools as they are occupied by the last of the seal pups.

Ray has a copycat and goes by the name of Marlin, Ray is still to be found hero worshipping Magnus.

Marlin has been a pain in the flipper this week. Wrapping himself up in the hose when the ACT are cleaning, and being very greedy, but he is really loving the sardines.

Attie has been quiet at feeding time, and hanging back waiting for her turn to be thrown a fish.

Jetsam is still moulting but is nearly at the end. Flotsam looks very pretty in his new coat.

Flipper is continuing to moult, but this has not affected his appetite. Logs is going to be weighed at the weekend to see if he is back to his original weight.

Pepper is now in full moult but is coming to an end, her eating is improving and her arthritis is still ok, even with the rain and drop in temperature we have had this week. Rocky is still moulting and barking, he also lost a whisker a few days ago and he keeps scratching / knocking the scab off and making it bleed.

Carus has been taken off the anti inflammatory to see if the antibiotic is clearing up the infection.

Chaff is moulting but being well behaved, he is getting a little bored with training so the ACT are putting on their thinking caps to come up with some new idea’s. Mika is being a good girl.

Thai has been up to no good this week. At the beginning of this week Thai was getting impatient with having to wait for her food, Thai has also decided that she can do better talks then the ACT and when the ACT come into the enclosure Thai tries to crawl up their leg and get the mic off them.

The ponies went for a walk on site this week, well Tuppance kept stopping to eat the lush green grass on route. After last week of getting out into the pony field, Glenn this week put up some extra strength fencing, but alas his hard work had been in vain. While spending all day Tuesday working on it and very pleased with his efforts, Abi came up from site on Tuesday to find both Priscilla and Elvis in with the ponies, not sure how they got in there.

Reef has been a little bit quiet this week, but has been waiting in his shed for the ACT to come and feed him.

PUPS: Darwin still has a little bit of a snotty nose but is clearing up slowly. Fawn and Bogart seem to be in love and can be found kissing in the pool.

‘E’ Minor is a little Common seal that was born at Weymouth Sea life centre two months ago. Unfortunately he has had a few problems learning to feed, so the expert help of the Sanctuary’s ACT is needed. He will be here for a few weeks until he can feed for himself before going back to Weymouth. ‘E’ Minor was given fluid for the first 48 hours and was given a fish head on Friday which he gobbled straight down. He is a very cute seal and will be in the main hospital for the next few weeks.

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