Sanctuary's Latest News Update 25th July 2008

Magnus (right) is back to eating really well and is very hungry at the moment. He is also receiving treatment for his eye, as he is having a problem with his third eyelid. Fatima is still popping out on the side in front of the gate; she has also been chasing Sheba around the pool. Lizzie is queen of the top step, sleeping with her tongue hanging out and is always the last out of the pool at the end of the day. Anneka is doing lots of spinning in pool even when there is no water in the pool. Anneka, Sheba, Ray and Lizzie were all happy and charged into the nursery pool when the gate was opened. Anneka likes to keep an eye on the nursery pool filling with water, so when it reaches the top she will dive straight in. Sheba apart from spending time in the nursery pool, she has been chasing Fatima around the pool.Magnus
Snoopy is happy again!We finally have a happy Grey seal as nursery pool 1 is now open and Snoopy (left) can go back to her bedroom. Here she likes to watch the visitors walking around the pool and then dives underwater to watch them through the window. Ray is a happy little seal and spending lots of time in nursery pool 2. Marlin has taken to hero worshipping Magnus and also can be found playing with the rubber rings which belonged to Sahara. Attie is still playing with her rubber ring and likes to wear it around her neck. All the residents have had their fish reduced, except for Magnus.
As part of the continuing moves, this week we have now moved Luna and Sija to the round pool on the hill with April. April is the only rescued seal pup left now with us and will be at the Sanctuary for the entire summer. We had to put her back on fluids last week as she was refusing to eat. This week with sharing the pool with the Common seal and the other pups gone, she has started to show a little interest in the fish that is thrown in the pool. Hopefully this is the turning point for April and she will soon start to eat for herself and put on weight.Common seal meets Grey seal pup and Hooded seal
Flipper and Yulelogs are still creeping up on the Animal Care Team during cleaning and feeding time. Flipper likes to spend all his time swimming in the pool, but Yulelogs likes to haul out at the end of the day and has even now claimed his spot. Training is not going so well.
Rocky and Boadi are both doing well with their training and Rocky is being trained to get on one of the rocks in the pool like he has done before. Both where treated to ice blocks with fish, until Boadi took a liking to Rocky's ice block and decided to go after it. Boadi was put firmly in her place and had to make do with her own block.
Andy looking around his new pool On Sunday the Fur Seal pool was filled with water and we all got together to transfer Andy (left) into this pool. Andy was a good boy and went straight into his cage, where we then took him the short distance to the Fur Seal pool. The cage was opened and Andy went straight in to the pool and your saw his little face light up with all the extra space and went straight in to the water and then came out on to the haul out area and walk around before taking a look at his new neighbours, Flippers and Yulelogs.
On Monday morning we moved Chaff into the pool with Andy, both were a little inquisitive of each other and there was a little bit of barking, but both are getting on very well together. The Animal Care Team are having a little bit of difficulty telling the difference between the two. We also cleaned their pool this week and Andy was a little scared of the pump but Chaff went and sat next to him as if to say "don't worry it will be ok" and after an hour Andy was happy to sit on the haul out area by himself.    Click here to read Andy and Chaff's Press Release. Andy not so good at training!
Sahara not happy about the cage Sahara (left) was also on the move this week as he was transferred from the round pool on the hill to the Common Seal pool. With all the times that Sahara had been in and out cages in his short life you think he would be ok to do it. It took a while to get him in the cage, but we managed it after a bit and took him to his new pool. At the Common Pool Sahara refused to get out of the cage and we ended up having to spin the cage to get him out. Eventually he got out of the cage and in to his new pool.
On Wednesday the Cornwall Shed Company came in and dropped off a shed at his pool; watch this space for news on his shed and what we are planning to do with it. Photo right of Sahara shows him happy and content to be back in his old pool.

Thai and Bamboo, our Otters, are doing well with their training and Bamboo is still hording his food, but has taken to changing his hiding place on a weekly basis. He is also a greedy little otter and this week tried to fit 3 pieces of food into his mouth.
Sahara is now happy to be back in his old pool again!
All the goats were wormed this week and so was Stanley. The ponies broke out again last week and the flies have started to annoy the ponies that we have fitted their fly swatting head gear. Reef (our cat) has been to the vets for a health check and he is doing very well.
Five more seal pups released

On Monday Cubert, Fabula, Risk, Sinbad and Tegan were loaded up into the trailer and took the seal pups down to Church Cove to release them back into the wild. All over forty kilos with Fabula the heaviest at around 53 kilos all were excited. At the beach Cubert was first in the water followed by Fabula, Sinbad and Tegan with Risk bringing up the rear.
One of our rescued grey seal pup in the convalescent pool in April 2008 Here is the end of another rescue season

The National Seal Sanctuary would like to thank everybody involved in 2007/2008 from the public who phone in with their concerns about pups to the people who have adopted these animals and helped to get them back to the wild. It is with your continued support that allows the Sanctuary to help these pups every winter.

Thank You.
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