Update 25th July 2006

On Tuesday of 25th July 2006 the Seal Sanctuary released Ginger and Stoggs back into the wild. The Animal Care Team (ACT) were in at 5am to load up Ginger (hat tag C6) and Stoggs (hat tag J9). Ginger was a little reluctant to go into the trailer, but after some moaning and a little bit of persuasion from the ACT, she finally went into the trailer. Stoggs, a heavy young seal, also need persuasion to get into the trailer, maybe they didn’t like being woken up at 5am.

The ACT headed over to Porthtowan, where Ginger was originally rescued, to do the release. The beach was quiet with a little wind, but all in all a very good morning to release seals.

After all the fuss of getting into the trailer, both Ginger and Stoggs were now happy to stay there. Luckily after a few minutes, the lure of the open sea was too much and out the trailer they both came, Stoggs first followed closely by Ginger. They both headed straight for water, Stoggs did not look back, but Ginger stopped turned around and gave a look of ‘Thank you’ and headed into the water and round the point.

'Reluctant to leave the trailer' photo of Ginger and Stoggs was taken by Rachael VinePhoto of Ginger and Stoggs - Copyright of Simon Bone.  www.cornishseals.co.uk
'No stopping us now' photo of Ginger and Stoggs was taken by Rachael Vine'Thank You and Goodbye' Photo of Ginger was taken by Rachael Vine
To see more photos of the release, click on the following link to take you to Simon Bone's excellent website.

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