Update 25th May 2007

Magnus is constantly being harassed by the pups, who keep trying to steal his fish, especially Olive who has also being trying to eat members of the Animal Care Team during the talks and feeds.

Lizzie is feeling sorry for herself as one of the other seals in the Convalescent pool has given her a scratch on the nose.

Sheba is enjoying the extra fish in the pool, as most of the residents seem not to be too hungry.

Fatima is going through her third moult of the year, also she is being treated for a snotty nose.

Anneka is on and off her feeding at the moment but she is quite a large lady anyway.

Snoopy is also on and off but is enjoying and making the most of the sunshine.

Ray is still being a nuisance during pool cleaning, so the hose pipe contains even more holes.

Marlin is eating well and at the moment is keeping himself to himself.

Attie has been off her fish for a few days so the Animal Care Team is keeping a close eye on her. At the moment she is doing ok.

Flotsam and Jetsam are really enjoying the extra feeds they are receiving at 4pm. Sahara is getting into the pool at feeding time, but is straight back on to the side after and doesn't move until feeding time again.

Flipper and Yulelog both have been fighting with each other this week but neither have an injury. Flipper is still having problems with his eye and Yulelog has finally finished his moult and is a lovely blue/grey colour.

On Friday afternoon Rocky was moved back into his new pool after all the last finishing touches were completed.

Carus is enjoying the sunshine in the evening. He and Boadi also became stars this week when they were both spotted in 'OK' magazine. Boadi is still coming out of the pool during feeding time and next on the list is getting her to feed on Carus's rock (don't think Carus will be too impressed by it!!)

Both Mika and Chaff are doing fine and the Animal Care Team are still continuing with their training.

Thai and Bamboo are both doing extremely well. Bamboo had a couple of fits as he came round from the operation but he is now fine. Both were separated from each other until Monday evening and they were pleased to see each other. We have been putting new paper in their holt instead of saw dust, which means they have been having news paper parties.

Our Goats - Monty was unhappy at being wormed and having his feed trimmed, and Elvis has been doing a lot of bleating to get more food.

All the ponies have been treated to a block of salt lick which now hangs on the fence.

Reef, our cat, was given a donation of some wet cat food by a member of the Animal Care Team's mum. Reef is laping up the new treats and will not even wait until the food is put in his bowl before trying to gobble it all up.


We have nine pups left they are Tiger Lilly, Olive, Eve, Cyclops, Pluto, Mowgli, Stitch, Cinders and Boss. They are all doing very well and we should have some more to release back into the wild after Whitsun.

Did you know that.....Each pup can cost up to 1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to adopt a pup
or make a donation towards a pup's rehabilitation, please click here
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