Sanctuary's Latest News Update 25th April 2008
Magnus has been on his travels again this week, and is now out on the side sleeping by the caves and sunny himself. Fatima and Sheba both have been up to no good and by keep stealing Magnus's fish at feeding time. Lizzie who has been the height of fashion for the last few weeks is now moulting her tank top, and spends her time lying in the scratching her old coat away. Anneka is enjoying herself during the pool cleaning and by chasing the Animal Care Team. Snoopy has now left the gate and is back down by the nursery pool, waiting for the day she can get back into her bedroom. The fact they are still closed has not improved her mood at all.Convalescent Pool being cleaned by Dan and Amy (part of the Animal Care Team)
Ray can be found most days sunny himself on the steps, keeping an eagled eye out on everything. Marlin has been chasing the pups around the pool, but looks forward to pool cleaning as when the water comes back in he sit under it with his mouth open like a dragon. Attie is a little itchy at the moment and spending her time scratching, she does seem to be enjoying it.

Flipper and Yulelogs have both started cage training in anticipated for their BIG move. Yulelogs is receiving treatment for his eye as we think he had a little scrap with Flipper.
Luna is getting bigger by the day, and is spending her time sitting on the side of the pool, on her side. Sija is still enjoying her Frisbee and likes to throw it out of the enclosure. Both are sleeping in the pool on their backs.
Rocky Rocky (left) is now back to his old self, and back to eating bigger fish, and annoying Sahara. Sahara not having a good week as with Rocky back to his old self and now to top it all off, the Animal Care Team have put him on a diet. Boadi had company on Thursday as the Animal Care Team is cleaning her pool. They have also started training with a bigger feed ball, but this means the team have to hold on to the rope and teach her to try and take the fish out the holes.
We have still seen no sign of the window cleaning sponge, but Chaff is receiving lots of exercise at feeding time, as the Animal Care Team are throwing the fish around the pool. Chaff really is enjoying the exercise and but our visitors are getting a little wet with all the splashing.

Thai and Bamboo, our otters, have been treated to large and small crabs, but no other news this week.

The Goats have been for walks around sites and treated to brambles. Churchill has a little bit of a snotty nose. The Animal Care Team have also been showing all the goats pictures of a possible new friend that may be arriving watch this space for an update. Big cheer the ponies have NOT broken out this week, and have had a little bit of grooming; all except Bracken who would not let anyone brush his rump.

Reef, our cat, has found a new home, a box behind the toilets, here he can keep an eye on the fish coming out the hospital, to see if he can catch a few (no such luck).
This season's rescued seal pups (2007/08)

Convalescent Pool - All the pups are putting on weight but we have no releases planned for this week.
Nursery Pool 1 - Sinbad has finally got some company in his pool as Cubert (hip hip hooray) has finally been given the all clear to move outside to continue his rehabilitation. Both are happy and getting on well with each other. Nursery Pool 2 - Sebastian and Pedrek (right) are no longer on treatment, but we are still trying to get a swab off Sebastian from his ear. Every time the pool is drained, we try to get a swab and his ear seems to be better.
Main Hospital - Tegan, who is pen number 4, is still receiving eye treatment and the vet is pleased with the progress she is making. Read about Tegan's eye injury on the BBC's website by clicking on this link. Tamsyn's wounds are healing and she is now self feeding in hospital pen number 2. She will have second bloods taken at the end of the week, and if all clear, Tamsyn will have water in her pool.
Hospital Isolation 1 - What I hear you cry, yes we have another pup in, and this time it is a white coat pup between 2-3 days old. She was found on a beach in Padstow on Tuesday (22nd April 2008) not looking too well. Unfortunately the people who had found the pup picked her up, so she had to be brought back to the Sanctuary, as the scent would have transferred from human to pup and mum would have then abandon her.
April Back at the Sanctuary she was put in to isolation 1. She weighed 12 kilos and was given fluids for the first 24 hours before being moved on to milk. She has no wounds apart from her umbilicus still attached, and a graze to her nose. She loves her milk and can't wait for feeding time, which is every 4 hours. She has a lot of energy and spins around and around when we try to take her temperature. She has been called April (left).

If you do come across a seal pup, please don't touch it, and call the National Seal Sanctuary on 01326 221361.
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