Update 25th March 2005

Most of the residents in the convalescent pool have been enjoying some quiet time this week.

Magnus having now started his moult and prefers to sit out on the side of the pool waiting for his fish, rather than getting his flippers wet. Marlin is also now well into his moult and has been joining Magnus for a period of energy conservation!

Anneka is now moulting and is enjoying sometime to herself, choosing one of the caves as her own personal bedroom. This year Anneka is well prepared for her moult and, the usual very slim Anneka, is now the biggest female in the pool!

Fatima and Sheba have finished their moult and have beautiful new silvery coats. Both are now feeding well.

Lizzie has been receiving some extra attention from Ray and Marlin this week. Both have been following her around and have been spotted hauling out together at the end of the day.

Snoopy is now back in the convalescent pool with the other seals and although she was desperate to get back in the pool, the animal care team just think she enjoys a good old moan. She is officially the loudest seal at the sanctuary as she can be heard singing and wailing to anyone who invades her space!

Flotsam and Jetsam have now successfully been weighed and the training paid off as both behaved perfectly when asked to jump on their weighing pallets.

After weeks of fasting during his moult, Flipper is now making up for lost time and has become an eating machine! He is still very enthusiastic during training but has been caught a couple of times with his head in the bucket of fish! Yulelogs has finally started to moult but he is still feeding well and training is also going well.

This week the sanctuary’s hard working volunteers were set the task of making a new enrichment toy with whatever they could find on site. They did not disappoint; Rocky and Pepper now have a new hose ring that is weighted down to the bottom of the pool at one side and has a float on the opposite side allowing the sealions the opportunity to swim through the ring. Although neither have actually been seen swimming through it, both Rocky and Pepper have enjoyed it different ways. Rocky showed an initial interest in the novel object in his pool but Pepper has shown more interest in playing nose ball with the float. A great success, well done Amanda and Dan!

Carus and Dipsy are feeding well and Carus has been enjoying some conger eels this week.

This week the otters have been weighed, both are doing well and feeding well. Thai has been up to a usual destructive self and has managed to up root one of the clumps of reeds and has been carrying it around with her all week!

This week the goats have had their feet trimmed. As always, none of the goats are very willing to have their pedicure but it is amazing how willing they become when food is involved! The ponies have been enjoying the afternoon sun in their paddock and Bracken in particular has been on a mission to get rid of all the winter hair by having a good roll in the muddiest part of the paddock.


The convalescent pool pups have all been weighed this week and are all steadily putting on weight. Dart, Claw and Kenn were up to release weight and have had their final blood samples taken and their hat tags applied. The animal care team had two attempts to put Claw’s hat tag on but he was a very unwilling customer and after the second attempt, the animal care team decided to call it a day – it was obviously not meant to be.

Lune and Don have now been moved to the convalescent pool and have adjusted quickly. Dee, Brant, Wiske and Tees are now sharing a nursery pool and all have decided to protest about the fish of the week: sardines. All four seals will now only eat mackerel! Both Wiske and Brant are currently suffering from runny noses and coughing and have been wormed again and put on a precautionary course of antibiotics.

Breezie, Dagger, Smokey, Ermine, Bubbles, Dinky, Hoompah and Winter are all feeding well but seal pox is still present on some of the seals. After a change of antibiotics, Bubbles jaw is starting to heal. The animal care team are watching him closely and making sure he gets his treatment twice a day.

Taw remains in the hospital for now but he is doing well. The animal care team are awaiting the results of a further test, and if this comes back clear he can be moved down to the nursery pools with the other seals.

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