Update 25th February 2005

Magnus has finally started to moult, and as a result, has become very lazy. At feed times, he can always be found waiting at the gate surrounded by a pile of hair!

Fatima and Sheba have once again become the terrible two! At the moment, they are never found far apart, they feed together, sleep together and swim together.

For Atlanta, Ray, Marlin, their annual weigh day is fast approaching. The Animal Care Team are placing bets on whose put on the most weight, at the moment, Ray looks like he may have a considerable advantage!

A few days after Snoopy’s MOT last week, she began to start feeding. As soon as she did, the vet prescribed a course of oral antibiotics. A week on and Snoopy is a different seal! She is feeding regularly, brighter and more active and jumping into the pool after her fish. The Animal Care Team were hugely relieved to see her pick up and she has even started to tap on the barrier to get back into the convalescent pool with the other seals.

Flotsam and Jetsam’s training is now stepping up a gear with each seal being given their own member of the Animal Care Team to concentrate solely on their training. It is hoped that both seals will benefit from this extra attention.

Flotsam, Jetsam, Flipper, Yulelogs, Rocky, Pepper, Carus and Dipsy have also been given a new toy to play with. A student from a local college has made a floating device that plays music to the seals! It turns out the seals are quite partial to a bit of Fleetwood Mac! The enrichment programme is still underway and we are looking forward to the results.

This week the otter enclosure has had a re-theme. New reeds and bamboo have been planted around the enclosure, and as usual, have been destroyed equally as fast!

Bracken and Tuppence have been closely patrolling their paddock ever since the sheep across the estuary were herded up by the farmer and his noisy motorbike earlier in the week. The goats are not at all concerned by this commotion and think that food is far more interesting.

Last Sunday (20th February 2005), some of our Animal Care Team (Tamara Cooper, Marianne Fellows, Selina Gregory, Chris Ellis and Louise Phillips) were called out along with members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue Team (BDMLR) to a live stranded cetacean at Mylor near Falmouth. Unfortunately members of the public had re-floated the animal and left just a few minutes before we all arrived, so everyone spent the rest of the afternoon searching the whole area too no avail! To read about the stranded cetacean, Dan Jarvis from BDMLR has very kindly produced this click here report for you to read.


This week Taff, Wriggle, Cale and Esk were released back to the wild. Eden, Red and Frome are due to be released by the end of the week if the weather holds good.

The Animal Care Team are now keeping a close eye on Hope, Claw, Kenn, Ribble, Dart, Lew and Camel to see who is next for hat tagging and their final blood results before being released.

Dee has been brought back up to the hospital and went for a further x-ray on his flipper. This revealed that his flipper is healing well and the vet decided that he should have a further 3-4 weeks of treatment and then re-assess whether the pin holding the bone together, can be removed.

Teign and Clifford have been moved into the convalescent pool for their final stage of rehabilitation and Lune has taken their place in the nursery pool. As usual he had a slow start learning to feed with the other pups in the pool but now he is feeding well. This week it was noticed that Brant was squinting in his left eye. He is now being treated with a course of antibiotics and pain relief. Wiske is still a little slow to feed and she is being watched closely by the Animal Care Team who are monitoring her progress.

Breezie, Dagger, Smokey, Ermine, Bubbles, Dinky, Hoompah and Winter all still remain in the round pool. All seem to be feeding well and putting on weight. Bubbles is still feeding but this week, the Animal Care Team took a swab from his discharging jaw. This has revealed that a change of antibiotics was in need and the vet may need to see him again to take a look at his teeth.

Don’s wound is now completely healed and is off treatment, as is Tees. Both seals are due to be moved down to the nursery pools next week.

Taw has been enjoying feeding in his pool but he has just started his first moult. The Animal Care Team expect him to now spend more time hauled out of his pool and become a little grumpy as he shed all that itchy old hair!

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