Sanctuary's News Update 24th December 2008

Fatima is looking very round at the moment but is on and off her fish, as we think she is missing Magnus, seeing the others all loved up. Lizzie is very quiet at the moment keeping herself to herself and has gone off Ray. She is feeding well and putting on weight in preparation for her moult. Sheba (right) is now back together with Marlin (right) and these two can be found on the side of the pool with Marlin's flipper round her. The convalescent pool was treated to a feed ball this week, Anneka being nosy as always was first in there, but after a few minutes the ball was stolen by Sheba.Marlin and Sheba
Snoopy Snoopy (left) is in the Christmas spirit, and has not moaned at any of the other residents or pups in the pool, we are hoping she have started her New Year's resolutions early…Ray has been chasing pups in the convalescent pool but 'Benny Hill Style'. He chases after one pup and then another crosses his path so he darts after that one. Marlin is very happy and very protective of his girlfriend Sheba, now he has her back he is not letting anyone else near her. Attie has been spending time on the side scratching but managed to get a soaking from April who was also sitting on the side minding her own business when Fatima came up behind her and frightened the life out of her that she fell in the pool and in the process soaked Attie.
Luna and Sija - The Animal Care Team managed to get Sija on her pallet this has only happened the once and she has refused to do it ever since. We also tried the fish poles enrichment which Sija loved as she is very active and loves any games that mean darting up and down the pool.

Flipper (right) and Yulelogs have been given a sprinkler in the pool which Yulelogs loves to sit under and have the water fall over him. As the grey seals are well in to breeding season, these two have started the usual arguments and Flipper managed to get bitten on the nose, which he is now receiving treatment for, but both have now settled down and will be back to being the best of friends very soon.
Rocky Rocky (left) and Boadicea would like to thank Clare for doing a wonderful job cleaning their pool the other day. Rocky is have lots of enrichment games designed for him at the moment, all to help him use his other senses, Boadicea thinks these games are designed for her and keeps stealing the fish. Both were treated to conger eel and after last time Rocky was not going to let Boadicea get away with it and this time it ended up in a food fight.
The Animal Care Team treated Andy and Chaff to a feed ball, which Andy stole and Chaff just had to sit and watch. Chaff has a new game which is chasing after the sea gulls that fly over the enclosure; he has yet to catch any.

Sahara (right) was introduced to a new enrichment game 'fish poles' where we put a fish on the end of a pole and run around the enclosure with the fish it the water to make it look like it is swimming. Sahara being Sahara and scared of everything spend most of the time at the end of the pool. Sahara is missing visitors at the moment, as he likes the way the visitors throw the fish and giving him a bit more exercise.
Thai Thai (left) is now looking very trim and is weighing in at a healthy 3.4 kilos, so looking very trim for the arrival of the two new boys in January 2009. The Animal Care Team have also been doing lots of enrichment with her and her latest is an old potato sack with treats in. We opened one end and held it open with a stick, she found the end and dashed in for her food, as she came out the stick fell down, and closed the sack. The next time Thai went to go in, she could not find the opening and managed to end up running around the enclosure with the sack on her back.
Stanley has a bit of energy this week and broke out of his field, but like the ponies didn't get far, only to the other side of the fence to eat the grass. All the goats are doing well and this Christmas were treated to apples and polo mints.

Ponies - Due to Tuppence's itchy coat, she was brought two new coats by the Animal Care Team. She has to be shampooed three times a week. The other ponies were a little jealous and managed to pull the coat off Tuppence (right) and drag it through the mud.

Reef is still looking all fluffy in his winter coat and has had his worm and flea treatment.
Jenna shampoos Tuppence

Holly is still in isolation a little quiet but feeding for herself. Lauren (left) is now off treatment and in water and hopefully in the next week or so will be moved to the nursery pools. Sandy is also off treatment and feeding well for herself and should be down the pools by the weekend. Tyson is still receiving eye drops on a daily basis and likes to show his teeth to the Animal Care Team, he is also feeding for him self. Sophie is self feeding and in water, but is not using her front flipper, so it will be a possible trip to the vets after Christmas.
Scotty, Merlin, Erin and Milo - Milo and Erin are being noisy and seem to be a little cross and always shouting at each other. Oscar and Gandalf both are spending lots of time in the sunshine on the side of the pool. Oscar should be ready to move into the convalescent pool in the next week or so. All the pups in the convalescent pool are doing well and should have a few ready to be released back into the wild in the New Year including………wait for it………..April, Hip Hip Hooray!!

Weight League Table:-
April (right) weighs 31 kilos; Skittles weighs 35 kilos; Hubbard weighs 29 kilos; Fairy weighs 26.5 kilos; Sam weighs 33 kilos; Oscar weighs 22 kilos; Merlin weighs 23 kilos; Scotty weighs 16.5 kilos; Erin weighs 15 kilos; Milo weighs 16 kilos.
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