Sanctuary's Latest News Update 24th November 2008

Welcome to this week's update, a little later then usual. The reason is over the weekend we have had an influx of pups that needed the sanctuary's help and now we can give you the full report...

But first we start as always with the residents...Fatima had been suffering from a winter cold and a runny nose, which the Animal Care Team had been giving her treatment for. She has also been on and off her fish which made it difficult giving her pills to. Ray also suffered from the winter cold and is now off treatment but Lizzie found his runny nose unattractive and went off Ray. Now Ray is all better hopefully they will go back to being loved up. Snoopy (right) is enjoying staring at visitors through the underwater viewing windows.
Sheba and Marlin in love! Having escaped the common cold, Sheba and Marlin (both left) are still very much together and as per normal at this time of the year, Marlin is harassing the rescued seal pups. Anneka is thrilled to have the pups in at the sanctuary and can be found playing 'mum' to them in nursery pool 1. She also likes to take the opportunity to lie on the bottom of the pool sunning herself in the morning sunshine. Atlanta aka Attie is also enjoying the pups being at the sanctuary, and as every year, she is getting on well with them, and feeding well.
The Animal Care Team are now back in the common pool doing training with Luna and Sija; Luna is very hungry. The Animal Care Team have a problem with the leaves falling into the pool, but these two are enjoying playing with them and catching them as they fall off the trees. Jenna and Amy doing target training with Luna and Sija
Laura with YulelogsFlipper and Yulelogs were also affected by the common cold, but are now off treatment. The Animal Care Team have now introduced a new enrichment game to give them a little more exercise, by attaching a fish to the end of a pole, putting it in the water and running around the outside of the enclosure, both boys think this is great fun and hope that it happens every feeding time. Flipper and Yulelogs have also decided that the easiest way to get the fish out of an ice block is to let it melt!

Boadicea is also receiving new training at feeding time, which includes her being able to go into a cage…watch this space for as to why! Rocky is doing well, and the team are designing new toys to keep him occupied.
The Animal Care Team have put wooden pallets in the enclosure to introduce a new part to Chaff and Andy's training, this is so we can weigh these two. Both are doing well and get on the pallets with no problems. We have also started to feed Chaff and Andy at opposite ends of their pool, this hopefully means that in time we will be able to get in the pool with Chaff and do hands on training.

Sahara loves his ring and can be seen floating in it most days. Unfortunately the ring needs to be weighed down so it does not float out of his pool. Sahara has been at the sanctuary for nearly a year and his feeds by the visitors (right) are going very well, raising money for his new pool.
Visitors feeding Sahara
Bamboo It is our sad duty to inform all our supporters that just over a week ago Bamboo (left) passed away. As you may know, Bamboo suffered from epilepsy, and although not severe, the number of epileptic fits he had experienced had begun to increase over the course of the year. On Tuesday morning (11th November 2008) the Animal Care Team came in to find that overnight Bamboo had had another fit, but worse then before. Bamboo's movements were slow and his breathing was shallow and so he was rushed to the local vets. With his condition most likely to have suggested further complications, the very difficult decision was made to allow Bamboo to peacefully pass away. Bamboo will be missed by all the staff and visitors at the sanctuary, but most of all by Thai.
Thai (right) is being kept occupied with lots of feeds and time being spent with the Animal Care Team, Jenna (Animal Care Team assistant) is spending lots of time inventing new enrichment toys. This week, Thai had a stick with pine cones attached to it! Jenna drilled holes into the pine cones so we can hide the food. Jenna is also in the process of making her a hammock! Thai
Stanley All the goats are doing well and Elvis is still enjoying his medicine, which is very sweet tasting, and he runs over when he sees the Animal Care Team approaching, this makes Elvis feel important and he now holds his tongue out for his mixture.

Stanley, (left) our sheep, is very jealous, as all the seals have a little bit of romance, he has requested a girlfriend. The Animal Care Team are now on the hunt for a lady-friend for Stanley.
The ponies having taken the 'Queen' song 'I want to break free' literately and so far this week and have broken out every day. Luckily, only into the next field, to munch on the grass.

Reef, (right) our cat, has become the new security guard at the sanctuary and can be found patrolling every day keeping an eye out for other cats that may invade his space.
Fairy We have had a busy weekend with an influx of new patients, first an update on our current patients:-

Convalescent pool - April has finally realised she is a seal and is doing really well competing for fish. Skittles is doing well and putting on weight. Fairy (left) is doing well and the fact she has only one eye is not proving a problem with catching fish. Hubbard has caught the common cold, but is now back on track to recovery. Pallin is eating all the fish and is above release weight, doing well. Chomp is getting on well and eating his fair share of fish.

Nursery pool 2 - Oscar is a little bit lonely in the pool by himself, hopefully there will be a pup ready to move down from the hospital soon.
Gandalf (right) is a little boy and was rescued by the Secret World from Brean beach on the 19th October 2008, and was only 2 weeks old and was in mid-moult. He was only 11.2 kilos and had ruckly breathing and a snotty nose. Gandalf spend a week in the hospital before being moved outside to the nursery pools, here he seemed to be having problems with his right flipper. On inspection he had a wound on the under side of his flipper and was taken back up to the hospital for a course of treatment. Gandalf is not happy in the hospital after experiencing the freedom outside. Hopefully it will not be too long before he can go back outside and join Oscar. At present he is in hospital pen number 4. Gandalf's flipper tag number is 008 (red) Gandalf on arrival at the hospital!
Merlin keeping an eye on Milo! Merlin (left) is a little boy and also came from the Secret World for rehabilitation, he was rescued on the 31st October 2008 in Western-Super-Mare. At 4 weeks old and weighing 15 kilos he had a couple of wounds and was malnourished. Due to the influx of pups, Merlin is sharing a pen with Milo, Milo is unhappy at the intrusion. Merlin's flipper tag number is 009 and he is currently in hospital pen number 3. Milo who is also in this pen, has lost a little bit of weight, but really enjoys his fish.
Erin (right) was rescued on the 21st November 2008 from Portreath, she was 5 weeks old and weighed 11.5 kilos. She was malnourished, with a few wounds, and a snotty nose. She was given fluids and a course of antibiotics as standard.

Update - Erin is now in hospital pen number 1 and is receiving assistance with her pill fish, but self feeding her other fish. Erin's flipper has not been tagged yet.
Erin waiting for lunch
Sophie eating lunch! Sophie (left) was also rescued on the 21st November 2008 from Hayle and was actually brought in by a member of the public*. This pup was around 6 weeks old and extremely malnourished and was near death by the time she arrived at the sanctuary. This pup was put on a drip and had round the clock attention and two bags of fluids, and in the morning Sophie was looking and feeling much better. She also had a wound to her front right flipper which was cleaned and treated and given eye drops for her right eye, which is a little cloudy.

Update - Sophie is still in isolation pen number 1 and is receiving glucose in her fish, she is having assistance with her pill fish but self feeding the rest of her feeds.
Sandy (right) was rescued on the 22nd November 2008 from Sennen, 6 weeks old, very malnourished and weighing only 11.5 kilos. She also had respiratory problems and a few minor wounds, which were treated and a course of antibiotics started.

Update - Sandy also has a cold and chest infection which she is on treatment for, she is having assistance with her pill fish but self feeding her other fish, and she has improved since her arrival and is doing very well. Sandy is in isolation pen number 3.
Scotty is full after lunch! Scotty (left) was rescued on the 22nd November 2008 from Penzance. At 8 weeks old and weighing 15 kilos, this was another pup that seemed it would not make it. Scotty, who's temperature was so low when rescued that it did not read on the thermometer, was taken to a local vets where it was given a glucose injection and fluids, five minutes later Scotty was wide awake and full of energy you would had thought it was a different seal. Now stable, it was a short journey to the sanctuary where Scotty was put into isolation pen number 2 to have his minor wounds cleaned and treated and given eye drops for his right eye.

Update - Scotty is doing well and all his bloods came back normal, he is having assistance with his pill fish, but self feeding with the rest of his fish.
Lauren was rescued from Perranporth on the 24th November 2008, 6 weeks old and weighing 12 kilos, she has wounds to both rear flippers which are being cleaned and treated and she has been given a course of antibiotics. Lauren received fluids for the first 24 hours and will then move on to whole fish which she will be assisted with by a member of the Animal Care Team.

*NB: Although Sophie was brought in by a member of the public, we would advise that if you find a pup that needs attention please call the National Seal Sanctuary 01326 221361, as pups do carry infections that can be transferred to humans.
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