Update 24th November 2006

Magnus is getting back to his old self and has been so hungry this week that he has been trying to get the Animal Care Team (ACT) to give him more fish by slapping the water.

Lizzie is normally nice to all the pups in the convalescence pool; however, this week she has taken a turn for the worst and has been stealing fish off the pups.

Fatima has this week been spending a lot of time sleeping on the bottom of the pool.

After the rejection last week from Marlin, Anneka has not been spotted much by the ACT as she is spending a lot of time in the caves – nursing a broken heart.

When Sheba is not spending time with Ray, she is in the pool terrorising the pups, the pups are now reluctant to go in the pool at feeding time.

Snoopy has been spending a lot of time with her dad, and sleeping by his gate. Snoopy was also filmed for BBC Flog It; surprisingly she didn’t moan at the cameraman when he got a little close.

Ray is still with Sheba and at the moment is a very greedy seal.

‘Love is in the air...’ for Marlin and Atlanta, these two seals are spending a lot of time together and having even been caught kissing this week.

Flotsam and Jetsam plus Little Ed are very FAT – especially Little Ed and so all three are still on diets. We have also not been doing any training, but will start again once they have dropped a few pounds. With their rounded bodies, the sea gulls have been doing well with the fish, as they are a lot quicker then fat seals.

Flipper has got even lazier then last week, and has now taken to not even looking for fish we throw in the pool. If the ACT throw a fish and it is:- 1) Not in Flipper’s eye line; 2) Underwater; 3) In deep water; and 4) In shallow water he will not make the effort to go and get it. Yulelog has been a bit of a grump this week as the pool cleaning took a little longer then normal.

Rocky and Pepper are doing lots of swimming together, Pepper has a little bit of a poorly eye and is receiving antibiotics. The cold weather is giving her old bones a bit of trouble, but she is doing lots of swimming to relieve her old joints.

Carus has been playing with the rocks at the bottom of his pool, so the ACT are thinking up some new ways to keep him amused.

Mika has been showing the ACT her new swimming technique this week in the hope that she will receive more fish. Her new technique is spinning in the water. Chaff is still being a good boy.

Due to the large amount of rain Thai and Bamboo have been spending a lot of time inside their Holt. Both Otters are still being lazy and having a “lie-in” in the mornings.

All the goats are still being pampered by the volunteers and receiving treats from the ACT.

With the grass nearly all eaten in the ponies’ field, Bracken has started to stick his head through the fence and is eating all the grass on the bank. We think this in the hope of finding a weak point in the fence to break through again.

Reef, our cat, is getting braver and is now spending a lot of time down on site. He can be found near the bus shelters around 1.30pm just in time for the seals to be fed in the hope of stealing more fish.


Convalescence Pool
Roo, Koko, Magnet, Pebbles, Simba, Mutley, Penfold and Daisy are all doing very well in the convalescence pool. Daisy was put into the convalescence pool for the first time this week and even managed to catch a fish at feeding time - only for it to be stolen again by one of the adult seals, if this wasn’t scary enough on her first time in the pool, she the metRay and Marlin which really scared the living day lights out of her. Daisy went for the second time to catch a fish and suddenly was confronted by these two on either side of her, squashing her and jumping for her fish. This was all too much for Daisy so she now stays on the side of the pool and only ventures into the water when she has too.

Penfold is doing well. The terrible two Magnet and Pebbles have also been scared out of the pool by the other adult seals, and spend a lot of time on the side. Mutley is ‘well ard’ and not at all scared and doing her best to protect the other pups. Mutley is also putting on weight quickly, so we may be able to do a seal release this year. Roo is looking very rounded.

Nursery Pool
Ronnie and Gnasher are playing tug of war with the fish. One is catching the fish whilst the other tries to steal it. Narla on the other hand is bright and when she sees Gnasher and Ronnie playing tug of war, she dives and swims collecting up all the fish and storing them in a little pile on the side of the pool for later.

Mowgli has started to moult a little but is still thin. He is still receiving multi milk and may well be moved onto fish soup next week.

Pilchard will be moved to the nursery pool next week; he still has a little bit of a cough, and has also been flipper tagged orange 15.

Spongebob is now a very snappy seal and tries to take the hand of the ACT when they give him his pill fish.

All of Dory’s wounds have healed but she is still very small at only 14.5 kilos, she is eating on her own and really likes the fish.

Mowgli in the hospital - photo was taken on 24th November 2006 by Rachael VinePilchard in the hospital - photo was taken by Rachael Vine on 24th November 2006 Spongebob in the hospital - photo was taken by Rachael Vine on 24th November 2006

Hospital - Isolation
Eve still has her white coat and will be on multi milk for at least another week. Eve is a very needy seal and likes company. The wound on her chin is healing and she likes to remind the ACT when it is feeding time. Eve can be heard shouting from outside the hospital.

Dory in the main hospital - photo was taken on 24th November 2006 by Rachael VineEve in the isolation pen - photo was taken on 24th November 2006 by Rachael Vine
Did you know that.....All our pups are up for adoption. Please check out our adoption page for more information.

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