Sanctuary's Latest News Update 24th October 2008

Fatima is quiet at the moment and keeps herself to herself throughout most of the day, except when feeding time comes along, her Fatima is first in line and always get her share including some of the other residents share, Fatima is looking a little round at the moment. Love is in the air for Lizzie and she is spending her days swimming up and down the pool with her tongue hanging out thinking about who she would like to spend some quality time with either Ray (right) or Marlin, due to being 'Love Sick..' she is not very hungry.Ray
Anneka Anneka (left) is being incredibly nosey at the moment always popping in and out the pool at the Animal Care Team seeing what they are up to, plus Anneka is always keeping a close eye out for Ray and Snoopy. Sheba is very quite at the moment properly feeling a little sorry for herself and after some sympathy for her squinty eye which she is receiving treatment for. Snoopy has been hanging out in nursery pool one watching all the visitors go by and waiting for the Animal Care Team to come in at feeding time. At feeding time Snoopy will go to the Animal Care Team instead of Snoopy waiting for the team to come to her.
Ray has been excited by the pressure washer cable this week as it was hung over the top of the pool, Ray spent the morning looking up at the extension cable and trying without much success to hit it with his flipper. Marlin (right) is doing ok growing patches of fur but showing no interest in the ladies yet. Attie has been hanging out in the waterfall on the haul out area, and while there are no pups in the convalescent pool the Animal Care Team have found a pallet and have treated her to a new raft.Marlin
FlipperLuna and Sija are finally back to normal training and both are coming out on the side of the pool. Sija also likes to have a random feed where the Animal Care Team run up and down the side of the pool on the outside throwing the fish in. Here she gets to chase it and jumps out the water to catch it.

Flipper (left) and Yulelogs have become even more frustrating during pool cleaning with the Animal Care Team if that is possible. But they only target the team member who is using the pressure washer and like to go and lie on the hosepipe.
Both Rocky and Boadi are doing well with their training and Rocky will now get on his rock. This has taken him a little while to get used to as he has had to get used to a new rock in this pool. Boadi is very hungry at the moment and trying to steal Rocky's fish and also chasing after the team after feeding just to make sure they have given her all the fish and waiting by the gate so as to be first in line when they feed. Boadi and Rocky
Andy Chaff and Andy are doing lots of synchronised swimming and facing of their face after feeding time. We also treated the furries to some ice out of Sahara's ice machine (luckily he didn't see) and put ice on the haul out. These two were very interested in the ice and would jump out and poke through it, possibly looking for fish but to no avail. These two also liked to pick the ice up in their mouth and crunch it, so it's not just Sahara who like the sound and feel of the ice.

Sahara has been sneaking out on the ice when no one is looking and doing lots of rolling around. He seemed not to have noticed the Fur seals pinching his ice.
Thai and Bamboo - Its that time of the year again when we treat our otters to pumpkins, which once again proved to be very exciting for these two, and enjoyed finding the food hidden inside. The otters also have a cube which is one of their favourite games, when we hide peanuts inside for them and they have to roll it over to get the nuts out. Unfortunately a member of the Animal Care Team (I will not name and shame them, but they know who they are) broke it this week and has now been removed and will have to be replaced.One of our otters enjoying the pumpkins!
Stanley Elvis, our goat, is still receiving treatment this is for arthritis and will be on this for the foresee able future.

Stanley (left) is a little on the chubby side and the regular walks seem to go nowhere, as he refuses to move.

The ponies have managed again to break out but luckily were quickly rounded up and put back in the field. Back in the field Bracken charged straight for the broken fence panel to get out again but was stopped in his track by our site team who were quickly on the job of repairing it.
Reef, our cat, is being a very needy cat at the moment and was caught earlier this week near the bins eating crusts, he does a lot of moaning and pretending he is hungry just to get attention. Reef
April, Skittles and Pallin are all doing well and feeding up well. This week we had to remove a sheet of the Perspex between the pools as it had split, much to the enjoyment of Pallin who decided that he thought of getting out of nursery pool 2 and moving around the haul out area to nursery pool 1 seemed like to much effort and jumped over the wall where the Perspex had been. Pallin has been tagged Red No. 004 and in the pup weight league this year is.
     In at number 3 guessed it April weighing just 18 kilos
     In at number 2 is... Skittles weighing in just 1 kilo heavier at 19 kilos
     And top of the scales is Pallin weighing an incredible 38 kilos, give this boy a few more weeks and he will be ready to go back in to the wild.
Hubbard has now fully moulted and is putting weight on at a good pace. He is still being force fed fish with whole fish being left in his pen, which he has started to nibble on. Fairy is in water and the vet will be coming in to look at her eye, to decide if he takes the stitches out or just let them dissolve. She is being force fed fish and at the moment not showing any interest in the fish left in her pen. She has also been tagged red No. 002.
Since our last update we have had two new arrivals at the sanctuary. The first came from Gwithian and was rescued on the 14th October 2008. This little pup had been abandoned by his mum, but was covered in puncture wounds from his head to his flippers. He was about 2 weeks old, weighed 23 kilos and was in mid-moult (losing his white coat and his grey coat coming through). He was given a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. He is being force fed fish and been named Chomp. Update - Chomp has now fully moulted and has water in his pen so he can learn to catch fish. He likes to climb up on the small haul out area in his pen and grab the hose to play with.
Our next pup was rescued on the 16th October 2008 from Delabole near Tintagel. He was only 10.5 kilos and had been abandoned by his mum. Injuries were a graze above his left eye, which he is now receiving eye drops for and a course of antibiotics. He is only between 2-3 days old and is being fed on multi-milk. We have named him Milo. Update: Milo is a good boy and wounds are healing, he is still in isolation at the moment but looks forward to feeding time, and to keep him company has the good old welly boot to act as mum.

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