Update 24th September 2004
Magnus is very hungry at the moment and is getting out the pool for his fish!! He is also doing a lot of splashing.

Sheba still has a poorly eye, the vet has had a look and given her more medication but it is looking better than last week. The Animal Care Team tried to put up a new net to stop the seagulls eating the fish, but this was hampered by Sheba trying to play with the net.

Anneka is enjoying a bit of quiet time at the moment in one of the nursery pools, and trying to keep out the way of the unruly Marlin and Ray.

Fatima is very fat and healthy at the moment and is hanging around Magnus a lot, due to the breeding season.

Lizzie is quite quiet at the moment keeping herself to herself, her eyes are wide open and she is looking good.

Marlin is looking good at the moment and is playing a lot with Ray.

Ray is very hungry and is jumping out the pool keeping the Animal Care Team on their toes, he also enjoys playing with Marlin. We would also like to congratulate Ray who now has hair starting to grow on his head and shoulders.

Atlanta is taking a back seat at feeding times, but has an itchy spot on her back which she is receiving treatment for. However she is having great fun and enjoying wrapping herself up in the rafts ropes.

Flipper is very fat and healthy and doing well at his training, the Animal Care Team gave him a feed ball this week which he loved.

Yulelog is starting to grow more confident, and loves having conger eel to eat.

Rocky has been doing lots of barking over the last week, but we are very pleased with the way his training is going.

Pepper is also another one of our very hungry residents and is having conger eel as well, her training is going very well.

After last week where Carus seemed to do what he liked, the Animal Care Team have been very strict with his training, he did have a little treat this week with a feed ball. Carus also loves Dips a lot.

Dipsí training is going well, but her eye is bad again and the vet has put her back on medication for it.

Flotsam and Jetsam are enjoying playing with each other still. They were temporally moved this week for a bit of renovation work on their pool, they now have a lot more room to move.

Bamboo and Thai have had their enclosure re-themed this week with new sand areas, new plants including bamboo and grass reeds. There are doing very well with their training, although Thai is more interested in biting the Animal Care Team on their legs at the moment.

The Ponies have had their feet trimmed and the laminitis has all gone, both went for a walk to visit the otters, Tuppence was very interested in them.

The Goats are enjoying the bramble trees that they have been given, and are also being walked a lot.

Bubble and Smartie are two guests here are both growing in confidence and eating better, so the Animal Care Team have increased their fish.

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