Update 24th August 2007

Magnus has been spending a lot of time in the corner of the pool sleeping and after lunch scratching. Magnus has also been given a feed ball this week but after looking at it and realising he could not eat it straight away, decided to give up on the idea.

Lizzie has been harassed by Marlin, and even had her back flipper bitten by him.

Fatima is very hungry this week and has even started to hoovering up the left over bits of fish at feeding time. She has also been annoying Snoopy.

Sheba loves the treats of ice blocks so much, she takes them for herself and doesn't let anyone else have any!

Anneka has been spending time sitting next to Magnus on the side of the pool.

Snoopy has had company from Fatima all week. Unfortunately Fatima has been teasing Snoopy, so Snoopy has been moaning all week.

Marlin has been picking on Lizzie and so the Animal Care Team have had to tell him off a number of times.

Ray still annoying Magnus and spending time with Anneka

Attie has been enjoying the feed ball and can be found hugging it when it is empty.

Flotsam and Jetsam have been play fighting together this week. Sahara is still doing ok and should still be up for release.

Rocky has been spending lots of time sunbathing, but was also treated to ice blocks which he had to defend against the sea gulls.

Carus has been put on a diet, as one of his dive's into the pool earlier in the week, resulted in a belly flop, with half the water leaving the pool. The fact that he has less fish at feeding time, has not as yet registered with Carus and he is more concerned with Boadi and doing lots of kissing.

Mika and Chaff both have been hosed by the Animal Care Team during pool cleaning this week. Mika also loves to chase the flow of water around the pool. Mika has had a treat of ice blocks which she really enjoyed. She has also been joining Chaff and par-taking in his training.

Thai and Bamboo both were treated to mackerel tails, which went down a treat. Thai bit through one of the Animal Care team's Wellingtons boots, and Bamboo is a little on the skittish side as everything is making him jump.

The goats were treated to bramble this week and also some extra carrots and apples.

All the ponies were treated to carrots and apples, and will now have to go on a diet as they are very fat ponies.

Reef, our cat, is due his annual check up at the vets this week, but has not been spotted often by the Animal Care Team.

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