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Issue 15
24th April 2009
All the Grey seals are continuing to moult at the moment, with Flipper and Yulelog nearly finished.

In the convalescent pool, Ray is still bauled and showing no signs of at least attempting to grow new fur.

All the other ladies are nearly complete, but Anneka seems to have a small problem with her eye which she is receiving antibiotics for.
Yulelog half new coat, half old fur! Photo above: Yulelog half new coat, half old fur!
Julia, Ren and Stimpy are ready to go back to the wild Photo above: Julia, Ren and Stimpy are ready to go back to the wild 3 Ready to go next week

Ren, Stimpy and Julia are all now above the 40 kilos mark, and as we are in for some nice weather next week, it is now time for these guys to leave the safe confines of the sanctuary and make out into the big wide world by themselves.

We still have 7 pups left in the convalescent pool, all still up for adoption. If you would like more information click here or call 01326 221361.
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This is valid for 12 months, and gives you free entry, and discount in the shop and café on site.
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