Update 24th February 2006

Magnus is very hungry at the moment and so the team has increased his fish. Apart from his lack of vision Magnus can still find any team member to chase in his enclosure for more fish.

Fatima, Sheba, Anneka, Lizzie and Snoopy have all now started their moult properly and taking it in turn to use the cave and get away from the other seals.

Ray, Marlin and Atlanta are still spending their time together.

Flotsam has lost a small patch of hair and will be weighed to check his dosage is correct for his under active thyroid. Both were ready for a photo shoot this week for the Jeff Chef campaign being run in the local paper, and were really excited at the thought of extra fish ... this was short lived as Yulelog managed to steal their limelight. Poor Flotsam and Jetsam had to watch as their extra fish were given to the boys.

Yulelog managed to steal the limelight from the Common seals on Wednesday. Yulelog saw the extra fish heading for the Commons and he decide his need was greater. Luckily his plan worked and the photographer decided that the big seals would make a nice picture. Yulelog was unconcerned about having his photo taken and all he wanted was the extra fish..., which he got in the end!

The new fashion season has started and Pepper is as always trying to be up to date with the Namio’s and Kate’s of the catwalk. This year’s hot new accessory is a small rubber ring to be worn around the neck.

Carus is very hungry this week so the team have given him bigger fish, this does not please Carus as with him it’s all about the numbers. So the team are back to giving him small fish, but lots of them.

Thai and Bamboo have been up to mischief again. Thai has decided to move in to show business and is practising her audition part for the WestEnd musical ‘Chicago’. Thai has found pebble and now will sit at the top of the waterfall running the pebble up and down the fence (like when prisoners run their cups along the bars in their cells).

Ponies and Goats - All quiet on the paddock front, but the ponies have been chasing the seagulls again.


Bogart is still receiving treatment and is still very reluctant to feed. The team are leaving fish tails in his pen hoping to encourage him to feed...at the moment he just seems to be using them for decorating the walls, which now regularly get covered in fish bits.

Ginger is still enjoying fish soup. Last week as Tamara had finished tube feeding the soup, she went to give Ginger her antiseptic spray just to stop her throat for hurting, but had left it on the side and had to get off Ginger to get in. When Tamara came back in, Ginger opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue so Tamara could spray her throat. Ginger will now do this every time she is fed, but only likes two squirts of the spray.

Shambles had an ear infection which has now cleared up and we can now start filling his pen with water.

Stoggs has had second bloods taken, and his eye infection has now healed.

We have now open 2 and 3 nursery pools to the convalescent’s pool.

Tanglefoot, Spingo, Bess and Fawn are all in a pool together so they can start putting on weight.

Guinness was missing his hat, but has now had this glued back on his head.

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