Weekly News Update 25th January 2008
Resident Seals and Sea Lions

Magnus is looking forward to his birthday, well we think he is looking forward to his birthday, it is quite difficult to tell with Magnus.

Fatima and Sheba are spending lots of time together this week. I think they are consoling each other as both missing Magnus's company that was at the beginning of the week.
Sheba is now back with Marlin and have both been teasing Snoopy, making her moan, which sets off the pups.

Carus is having an operation on Thursday and so will have his last feed on Wednesday morning, not sure how he will cope without food for 24 hours.

Luna, Sija, Flipper, Yulelogs, Chaff, Mika, Rocky and Sahara are doing fine and enjoying the weather.

Due to the nice weather on Thursday, all the residents could be found sunbathing on the side of the pools.
The residents grey seals asleep in the convalescent pool
This season's rescued seal pups

All the pups are continuing to do well and putting on weight, we are waiting on some nice weather so we can release them back into the wild.

Pups in the hospital are doing well and we should have some pups ready to move down to the nursery pools.

Thai and Bamboo have also been enjoying the sunshine and doing lots of sun bathing.
Paddock Animals

The goats also had been enjoying the sunshine.

The ponies have had a little bit of energy this week and could be found running around the paddocks in the afternoons.
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