Update 23rd November 2007
Magnus has no interest in Fatima still and looks to be showing no signs of changing his mind. Maybe his age has finally caught up with him.

As Fatima is unimpressed with the lack of interest from Magnus, she has spent the whole week sulking in the caves.
Lizzie is quiet and keeping herself to herself.

Anneka is doing her best to upset the Animal Care Team at cleaning time. When the pool is drained, she likes to roll in the dirt at the bottom of the pool, then quickly heads up the steps, flops around the whole pool, back down the steps and finishes with a little twirl as if to be congratulated on her fine mess.

Sheba is being very picky over her fish at the moment but can always be found close to Marlin's side.
our resident grey seals
Snoopy is still not happy with the winter arrangements and the fact that there are pups in one of HER nursery pools, leaving her just one to sleep in. This is not helped by Attie who keeps joining her in the pool and then the moaning starts.

Ray is sleeping a lot this week on the top step with his head resting on the pool side.

Marlin is still having a great time with Sheba and spends a lot of time together.

Attie is annoying Snoopy at the moment by invading in nursery pool.
The leaves have finally stopped falling into their pool, which makes cleaning a little easier on the Animal Care Team. It hasn't stopped Flipper and Yulelogs from trying to eat the Animal Care Team.

Chaff is doing really well in training and was treated to a new toy a purple tyre, which surprised him when it didn't sink (as most of their other enrichment toys did) he is also feeding well. Mika after feeling a little off last week is slowly returning to her normal self, it wouldn't be long before she is chasing the Animal Care Team again.
Mika, South African Fur Seal
Both Luna and Sija are having a husbandry training programme put together which will be designed to help Luna who is blind.

Rocky is still receiving extra food at feeding time, and also the Animal Care Team and volunteers have been doing a little spring cleaning in the enclosure removing the weeds.

Boadi had gone off her fish, not hungry at the moment just playing with it. Carus is also teasing the Animal Care Team by trying to boss them around, but the Animal Care Team know his weakness for fish and know how to keep him in line.
Thai has managed to remain in her pen this week and was treated to some new 'Holy Moly Extreme' toy. With the brand new scales we also had a chance to weigh them, Thai has put on 15 grams and Bamboo has lost 18 grams, but both of them still eat everything in sight.

The goats are being treated to lots of walks still, and like to say 'Good Morning' to everyone. Little Cilla is putting on weight (she is the size of a small house).
our resident otter
We think the ponies (Bracken) have been having a go at the fences again as we found one had come down but was quickly repaired.

Reef, our cat, has caught mice this week, and also has found a new place to hide - our recycling area, which we now have to check very carefully before the chaps come to pick it up.
Main hospital
Nessa has been tagged this week with flipper tag number seven, and as she is off treatment can be given water in her pen everyday. She has developed the same trick as Mina and looks under the gate for when she sees Animal Care Team arriving she starts to yell in the hope of extra food.

Feena was visited by the vet last week who was pleased with the way the wound was healing on her rear flippers, and the swelling has now started to go down.

Nursery Pool 1
Both Digory and Kitto have now moved down to the nursery pools, but are slowly eating the fish that gets thrown in. Mina and Hocken just seem to hoover everything up while the other two are still playing with their first fish…they will learn.
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