Update 23rd September 2005

All the residents in the convalescent’s pool have now slowed down. This would normally happen in the summer, but they are a little later this year. Magnus is very fat and is having a few problems with his third eye lid which is swollen. He is also a very grumpy seal, as both Marlin and Ray are bugging him, wanting tips with the ladies from the master himself.   Poor Ray (photo right) is being laughed at by some of the visitors, for sunbathing (which he is doing a lot) on his back.

Ray sunbathing! Photo was taken by Joyce Williams

Marlin is also enjoying himself playing with the Animal Care Team at feeding time.

Flotsam and Jetsam look very nice in their new coats.

Yulelog's training is going well and he seems to have sorted out his issues with Flipper. Flipper is still cautious of Logs.

Rocky and Pepper are in love at the moment with Rocky giving Pepper his undivided attention.

Carus and Dips - These two are still showing signs of breeding behaviour so Dips is still taking the pill.

Thai and Bamboo have had a treat of crabs this week and having fun jugging them.

Bracken, Tuppence and Muffin now have their winter coats, but the vet has said they are too fat, so they have to go on a diet. So the Animal Care Team have put them in the smaller paddock. This has displeased the ponies, and are now begging from the visitors for the lush green grass in the paddock next to them. Also the ponies seem to be having their own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Whilst down on site, Rachael Vine (our Marketing Assistant) was watching the ponies when suddenly they all looked up and ran in a circle around the field, stopped and carried on eating – this happen again 10 minutes later. So it’s “all change” in the pony paddock.

All the goats went out for a walk on site this week, think they may need an exercise programme as there was a lot of puffing and panting on the way back to their field.

On Wednesday (21st) all the pups were moved into the convalescent’s pool. Much to the excitement of the pups; and much to the annoyance of our residents.
Wey (photo right) has moulted and now has a nice new coat of black.

Wey with his new coat black! - Photo was taken by Joyce Williams

Mite, the only pup in the hospital, has not put on much weight in the last week, so the Animal Care Team have increased the amount of fish they give him.

Ragwort released back into the wild on the 18th of June 2004, was spotted on the 3rd of September 2005 at Northern Rocks, Isles of Scilly, still wearing his hat tag number 9.

Brant in the wild, photo copyright of Tony Mills and Samantha ChiltonBrant, who is wearing hat tag number 42, has been seen several times in St Ives harbour, and is doing ok. These photos were taken by Tony Mills and Samantha Chilton on the 16th of September 2005.
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Brant in the wild, photo copyright of Tony Mills and Samantha Chilton

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