Update 23rd July 2005

There is no change with Magnus this week.

Poor Ray (a big ahh) it seams he has lost his tank top and now only has hair on his head and neck.

No change with Marlin.

Fatima is being very cheeky at the moment and at feeding time is trying to stick her head in the fish bucket.

Sheba is squinting a little.

Lizzie is very hungry at the moment.

Atlanta seems to be losing her hair, but are keeping a close eye on it.

Anneka is squinting a little in her eye.

Snoopy is still moaning for more attention.

Flipper has a bad tooth and is on antibiotics, and we may have to consulate a dentist.

Pepper has an ulcer at the moment and is is being given a spray for it, which is minty fresh!!

Bamboo and Thai have had their photo in the paper this week, with them lying on the sun bed. They did not want to pose for this photo and spent most of the time trying to find out what was in the photographer's bag.

Dips and Carus are very much in love at the moment and can be found doing a lot of kissing on the side of the pool.

Wey has now moved out of the hospital and is now in the pool with April and Briannock.

Now some sad news, Lew who was rescued last week, was found this morning in his pool. It seems Lew passed away in the night. As yet we are not sure of the reason, but will keep you informed when we hear something. All the team will certainly miss him, as he was one of their favourites this year.

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