Update - 23rd July 2004
Charlie and Sweet Pea were both released from Gwithian this morning. Charlie made a dash for freedom but Sweet Pea was more reluctant to go and has been spotted lurking around in the shallows.

The resident pool is nearly complete, although David, the builder, will be working long hours over the weekend as the wet weather this week has held him up. However, he is confident that the pool will be ready for unveiling on Wednesday. Glenn, our Curator, is currently awaiting a new cage from the team at Culdrose, so that the Animal Care Team will be able to move Flipper and Yulelog into the improved enclosure.

The buoys and artificial seaweed put together by the Animal Care Team are still proving a hit in the convalescence pool, Marlin in particular likes to wrap himself in the seaweed and wear it as an attractive looking jacket and wig! However, it has caused some concern with our visitors who think he has got himself caught up and can't get away.

All is well with the other residents. Frodo is still with us and will be for sometime, this is due to his under active thyroid and we are not sure when we will release him, hopefully soon.

Rush and Pauline have been spotted at Seal Island near St Ives, they seem to be spending their time swimming between there and Mutton Cove.

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