Update 23rd June 2006

Magnus is still coming out on to the side of the pool to get his fish, but after the bucket is empty, he swims straight for the middle of the pool, ready to catch the fish that is being thrown over the side.

Lizzie now waits on the side of the pool until the Animal Care Team (ACT) have finished talking before moving in to position to be fed.

Fatima, Sheba and Anneka are all enjoying the fact that their are fewer pups in the Convalescence pool, so it means more fish for them.

Snoopy is still sitting on the edge of the pool during feeding time. This week she has started a pitiful moan, which makes the ACT feel sorry for her and give her an extra couple of fish.

Ray is spending a lot of time lying upside down on the side of the pool biting his flippers.

Attie and Marlin are spending a lot of time together and Marlin has taught Attie how to swim on her back up and down the pool.

Flotsam and Jetsam have had their food increased this week, as they were both very hungry, training is going well.

Flipper was given a feed ball this week much to his enjoyment. After the last couple of weeks of extra feeds, logs seems to have turn a corner and this week put on 10 kilos in weight. He is still not back to his old self, but we will continue to feed him extra fish.

Pepper has had a change of medication this week to ease her arthritis. She is still sleeping in the day, but wakes up in time for feeding and is enjoying her training which she looks forward to. Rocky has been quiet this week with very little barking, also doing training. Both Rocky and Pepper can be found cuddled up together at the end of the day.

Carus has put on weight and so has had to go on a D.I.E.T. We have cut his main feeds, but are giving him feed balls and slabs of sardine’s in-between main meals. This means Carus still thinks he gets extra fish, and doesn’t get stroppy.

Mika is being a little naughty this week by jumping out the pool, and getting really close to the ACT. The other day she came out the pool and growled at one of the team. Chaff is doing really well with his training.

This week poor Bamboo got stung by a bee on his face and it swelled up. He was given a course of antibiotics and after just 2 days the swelling has now gone down.

All the ponies now are looking great in their summer coats.

Today the goats were treated with a walk around site and extra brambles.

Our New Resident: Thank you to Rick who emailed us with the names Merlin and Lucky (to have so much fish), and Peter (age 12) who suggested Singen. Other names that have also been suggested are Mako, Pike and Reef. If you have one of these as your favourite or would like to make a suggestion please e-mail us here at the web site. We want to choose a name really soon, because at the moment he is just called The Cat!

PUPS: Bogart is now back in the convalescence pool, after last week's upset tummy. He is catching the fish in the convalescence pool by taking it back in the nursery pool to eat; this is being kept a close eye on by the team. Storm, Speckle, Wilson and Bess are in a nursery pool, Bess this week managed to knock her hat tag off, so this will be put back on her next week. All the other pups are doing well. Ginger, our 4 day old white coat that was rescued back in January, has now reached around 30 kilos, still a little bit of a way to go before she will be released. After months of being without a raft in the convalescence pool, the ACT finally found one to replace the one Ray broke. Pacific has taking a liking to this new piece of equipment and can be found lying on the top while Stoggs pushes the raft round the pool.

Our new leaflet for 2006 is now available to download from the visitor's information page.

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