Update 23rd March 2007

Magnus has been up to his old tricks this week, by splashing the Animal Care Team when they don’t feed him quick enough. He even managed to give Clare a soaking, from the bottom of the pool, with his rather vigorous splashing.

Lizzie is spending less time with Atlanta, and more time on her own sunbathing in the afternoon sunshine.

Fatima has completed her moult, and her new spotty white coat looks lovely. She is also very hungry and as soon as the Animal Care Team walk through the gate to feed Magnus, Fatima can be found with her head straight in the bucket.

Sheba is getting very pushy during feeding time, as even nipped the back of Clare’s legs (luckily it was just the waterproofs she got hold of). Sheba is still with Marlin, we think this is the longest time she has been faithful to one seal!

Snoopy has become a little more tolerant, of the other seals, when they all move on to the haul out to bask in the sunshine. Her moult is continuing and her new coat is looking very pretty, despite the patches of old brown fur that have not gone.

Ray is still the king of the castle, as no one has challenged him for the top step. He has also been rather nosy this week, due to the heavy winds, the trees had shed some of they seeds in to the Convalescence Pool. The Animal Care Team went in with a bucket and a broom to sweep them up, but Ray thought they were bring him more fish and couldn’t understand why they were not forth coming with food.

Marlin is trying to trick the Animal Care Team into thinking he is every seal in the Convalescence Pool, by coming out to them when they call everybody’s name for their pill fish.

Attie has managed to get to sleep on the top step when Ray is not looking or busy, when he is busy with the Animal Care Team.

Flotsam and Jetsam are both still missing Little Ed a bit, but this week was posing for a group of French children who had adopted them both. Flot and Jet both kept still while all the photos were taken, which is very unlike these two. There are no pups in this pool now as they have all been transferred to the Convalescence Pool. This is because of a new arrival... which will be revealed in next weeks up date...

Yulelog is going through his moult at the moment and is a very grumpy seal. Flipper has been entertaining himself by annoying the Animal Care Team whilst they clean the pool. Both were also fed by local MP, Julia Goldsworthy, when she popped in to the Sanctuary for a visit.

Rocky’s new pool now has had the waterfall built at one end, and is coming along quite nicely. Rocky has been training to go back in the cage ready for the move to the new pool, which is now only a few weeks from completion.

Carus has been a good boy this week, and even tried to help the Animal Care Team with the cleaning of the windows in his pool. He nicked the window mop, and swam away with it, after five minute he did bring it back, obviously cleaning windows is more of and Animal Care Team. Perhaps we should give Carus a banjo and he can sing-a-long (when I’m cleaning windows…George Formby)

Chaff has been sleeping in the sunshine all stretched out with his flippers in the air. Mika has been trying to eat the sea gulls that are landing on the top of the Perspex, as yet she has been unsuccessful, but is very determined in her jumping and watching.

Thai and Bamboo have both been really busy Otters this week, after the Animal Care Team done such a wonderful job on cleaning out the pool and making it all lovely. This week has seen the Otters returning the pebbles to where they came from, mostly at the bottom of their pool.

Goats having a lovely time in the sunshine but very unhappy with the hail and snow at the beginning of the week. This is because they all had to go in the one shed, since the other one had fallen down. If anybody would like to come and build them a second home, please get in contact with Rachael via email or telephone.

Ponies - No appearance from Steve McQueen this week, as the greedy ponies managed to get in and steal extra hay from the storage. Unfortunately in the process of stealing they broke Reef’s food bowl.

Reef, our cat, upset that the ponies had broken his bowl, and is now getting lots of attention from the Animal Care Team and volunteers. He has also been spotted rolling around in the pony paddock getting his belly all dirty.


Convalescence Pool
Possible release next week, ready to go is Pilchard, Pugwash, Woody, Yogi and Narla. The others pups have more weight to put on and the last of the pox to be cleared up. Cinders and Cyclops are continuing to do well, and have as yet not got the pox. The swelling around Tigger’s mouth has now gone down a little, but is still suffering from pox around his mouth.

Did you know that.....Each pup can cost up to £1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to adopt a pup
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