Update 23rd February 2007

Glenn, our Curator, will be leaving us this week for a new life in Canada with his family. Glenn has been part of the Sanctuary for 5½ years and will be missed by both the staff and the residents.


Dr. Glenn J Boyle, our Curator

Magnus has still not yet fully moulted, and still has old brown fur on his bottom. He is also grumpy at Snoopy and keeps waving his flippers at her to go away.

Lizzie and Atlanta are not as close as they have been over the last few weeks, probably because of the moulting, so Lizzie is spending sometime on her own.

Fatima is still stealing fish off Magnus, and also jumping out of the pool at the Animal Care Team during feeding time.

Sheba has found a close friend in Marlin, and has been spending lots of time together this week, much to the joy of Marlin. Also Marlin’s operation back in December has not had any negative affect on Marlin’s love life.

Anneka being persistent has finally paid off; Anneka and Ray are now part of a very happy couple.

Snoopy is trying to spend lots of time with ‘dad’, but Magnus is a little grumpy. When he is in a good mood he will let Snoopy sit beside him and scratch his back with her flippers.

Flotsam and Jetsam are very unimpressed by the herring they are receiving at feeding time, and so have taking to sharing the herring with each other. Flotsam and Jetsam plus Little Ed are annoyed by the arrival of Pluto from the hospital, as he makes rather a lot of noise. All three can be found waving their flippers at Pluto telling him to be quiet.

Flipper and Yulelog are back to training this week and is going very well after their winter break. The Animal Care Team also gave them a feed ball much to the delight of Flipper.

Rocky is slowly getting used to our new member of the Animal Care Team. Franzy, who is from Germany, started a few weeks ago with our team, and Rocky is getting used to doing his training with a little bit of a German accent.

Carus is moulting at the moment, and is a little bit smelly as he sheds all of his old hair. Carus has also been getting lots of exercise from chasing the sea gulls.

Mika and Chaff have both caught seal pox (same as chicken pox). Both have been bored this week, as the builders have stopped work on Rocky’s pool for half term. Luckily the builders are back on site next week to start work again.

Thai and Bamboo have been given big mossy covered logs this week, this means they will spend the next few days striping off the moss and bark to get at the insects they can then eat. Yum! Yum!

Our Goats - Elvis is a little under the weather again, and has been given a dose of medication to help him fill better; they have also had their bed changed, and have nice new chippings to lay on.

Our Ponies - The escapades of Steve McQueen have finally been stopped as Gavin’s (one of our site team) new fences seem to be holding up against our escapees.

Reef has had to defend his food against another cat, and got into a little bit of a scuffle. Luckily “no paws against paws” just a lot of noise.


Convalescence Pool
All the seal pups are continuing to do well in the pool, there is no sign of the pox clearing up but all are eating well

Common Seals Pool
Smurf has put on 3½ kilos in the last week, and has been moved down to the convalescence pool. Pluto is being noisy and has a squint in his eye. Flik has put on a kilo in weight. Eve is doing well and getting her fair share of the fish.

Hospital - Main area
Cyclops, in hospital pen 2, is now off treatment and is feeding well; he has also been put into water. Cyclops has also taken a liking to wellington boots, and bit through another pair. He is also having a visit from the vet.

Rimmer, in hospital pen 3, arrived on Wednesday (21st of February 2007) from the RSPCA. This seal was rescued from Dorset on the 11th of February 2007, and has now been brought to the Sanctuary for his rehabilitation. Rimmer weighs 21 kilos and is self feeding.

Did you know that.....Each pup can cost up to £1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to adopt a pup
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