Weekly News Update w/e 22nd December 2007
Resident Seals and Sea Lions

The Animal Care Team are 'spot-feeding' Magnus, this means that due to the pups being in the convalescent pool, we cannot go ahead and hand feed Magnus as we would normally do. As we have to throw the fish from the outside of the enclosure, we now make sure all the other seals are up the other end of the pool so that when Magnus gets his fish thrown to him, he will at least get some of them before the other swim in to steal them.
Snoopy is being a little more sociable in the last few weeks, after being encouraged into the pool so we could have the nursery pool for the pups.

Lizzie is also taking it easy and spending lots of time sleeping in front of the window in the convalescent pool, sleeping still with her tongue hanging out.

Anneka is playing mum to all the pups in this pool and keeping a close eye on them, making sure they keep out of trouble.
Sheba is still with Marlin but not as interested as she has been in previous weeks and spending lots of time sleeping.

Fatima is receiving treatment as she has been bitten by one of the other seals this week, and she has also been amusing our visitors by sleeping on her back.

Ray is spending lots of time by himself sleeping on the top step of the convalescent pool. Marlin is spending lots of time with Sheba, protecting her, but spending most of the time sleeping on top of her.

Attie is having lots of competition for her raft by the little boy pups, Hocken and Kitto.

Luna and Sija are giving Scrabble and Twister a run for their fish in the common seal pool, and chasing them non stop. Scrabble and Twister are rescued pups transferred from the RSPCA for their final rehabilitation here at the sanctuary.
Flipper and Yulelogs are still playing with the Animal Care Team during cleaning time, making things very difficult, but at feeding time are good boys and doing well on their training.

Carus was treated to ice blocks which he really enjoyed. He also had a little bit of an upset tummy a few days ago but is all better now. Boadi is still doing well and has settled into the sanctuary.

Rocky was treated to an ice block and had great fun throwing it around the enclosure, and pushing it about with his nose, feeding well and continuing to do well at training.
Rocky was treated to an ice block and had great fun throwing it around the enclosure, and pushing it about with his nose, feeding well and continuing to do well at training.

Over the last few weeks we have taken Mika and Chaff's training back to basics which they are enjoying, but to keep them from getting bored, we are also doing lots of running up and down the enclosure and throwing the fish the length of the pool.

The Otters

Thai and Bamboo have been weight training?..... what we mean is we have been training them to stand on scales so we can weigh them…not pumping iron. We have also given them a treat of their "Holy, Moley Extreme" which we put beef and fish in then they had to play tug of war to get it open to get the food. With the cold evenings, they have been having their heat lamp on in the evenings to keep their holt nice and toasty warm.
Paddock Animals

Goats have been on lots of walks down to see the Otters this week, so will be trimming up with the exercises.

Ponies had some new hay delivered this week, which Tuppence found he could reach, so he pulled it all down and started eating it. It has now been moved to the goat shed, so the ponies do not eat it all at once.

Alan is being very noisy in the hospital and when his pool is full, he sits on the shelf and bangs the door continuously.

Gryffin was put into water on Thursday and seemed a little scared at the thought of the rising water, he should settle down over the next few days.

Pasco is finally starting to put on weight and now weighs 15 kilos.

Hannibal is still a very angry chap but is going to be flipper tagged this week, his tag number will be 14.
Nursery pool and Convalescent pool

Mina and Nessa are drowning out Snoopy with the moaning, and are definitely the loudest pups in the convalescent pool.
Hocken and Kitto are competing against Attie for the 'King/Queen of the raft' prize.
Digory, Feena, Samson - Samson has been unwell but is now feeling a lot better and back to eating. Digory has finally learnt how to feed himself and is doing really well.

The staff and seals would like to thank everybody who supported the National Seal Sanctuary in 2007
and look forward to your continued support in 2008.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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