Update 22nd September 2006

Magnus is still being pestered by Ray this week, and has also been a very grumpy boy. When the Animal Care Team (ACT) cleaned the convalescence pool, normally they can just hose round him and he will lift his flipper, this week he had to physically move so that made him grumpy.

Lizzie is spending a lot of time sleeping on the top step in the pool; this is her favourite place to be.

Fatima has been quiet this week during feeding times, but is enjoying the random feeds being given by the ACT. Fatima hides just under the water and shoots up when the fish start being thrown.

Anneka has being having fun with the high winds this week. With the winds knocking the leaves off the trees, they have been falling into the convalescence pool. Anneka has been putting the leaves on the end of her nose and swimming round the pool. She is also pleased to hear that Treasure Hunt might be making a come back to our TV screens and would again like the opportunity to meet Anneka Rice, who she was named after. Now that breeding season has started Sheba is spending a lot of time flirting with

Ray and Marlin. On Thursday Sheba decided that during the morning feed she and Ray would display their affections for the public. Luckily after the talk they were straight in the pool for their fish.

Snoopy has done more moaning this week then any other day, how is this possible you ask? Well this week she moaned at other seals, the ACT, not receiving enough fish, and receiving too much fish, but she is happy to be back in the nursery pool.

Ray is having a lovely week spending lots of time with Sheba and enjoying the random feeds by the ACT. At these feeds, he has been creating a tidal wave of water as he swims very fast up and down the pool.

Marlin is enjoying the time that he spends with Sheba, the only thing is he doesn’t know when its his turn, due to him being blind, and has been told to go away by Ray and wait until Ray has finished.

Atlanta broke the raft by sitting on it. The ACT had drained the pool to do the cleaning, as the pool drained, the raft came to rest on top of the drain, which protrudes out the bottom of the pool. Attie decided to plonk herself on top and as she did this, the raft broke in to one hundreds of pieces.

Flotsam is doing lots grunting and is a little off his food. Jetsam and ‘E’ Minor are doing lots of watching as Flotsam grunts. Jetsam is also stealing everyone’s fish.

Flipper is a lot happier now he has finished his moult. After lots of extra feeding, Flipper and Yulelog are now very fat and are having trouble getting out of the pool, so both boys are now back to normal feeds.

Pepper is still doing lots of flirting with Rocky and enjoying his company, but she is a little off her food. Rocky is waiting by the gate at feeding time, as at the moment he is hungry. Carus has had his pooled cleaned this week, and has lovely clear water.

Mika has been a right little madam this week. First she grabbed the hose while the ACT were cleaning and tried to pull it away from them and also biting it. She is also doing a lot of flirting with Chaff this week, Chaff is being the perfect gentleman, but Mika is not happy with this and is biting Chaff.

After last week and the purchase of new boots, it managed to take Thai less than a week to get through the steel toe caps. Bamboo is trying to do lots of heavy lifting of the pine trees unfortunately he is getting very frustrated he cannot lift them.

Muffin is putting on weight after the barley rings she has eaten over the last few weeks. Tuppance and Muffin have also started picking on Bracken and beating him up. Bracken is spending lots of his time sleeping in the field during the day time.

We have had no more escapes this week from our goats, but the ACT mainly Tamara and Abi did try to give them their worming tablets. Tamara and Abi spend half an hour chasing the goats around the paddock, much to the amusement of the visitors watching. After half an hour, Tamara and Abi got tired, and then the goats got tired and so as a last resort Tamara and Abi tried to get the goats to come to them using food, which worked first time. The goats happily trotted over to them and all were given their worming tablets.

After last week of suspecting fleas, this week the ACT tried to catch Reef so they could give him his flea treatment. Reef was not happy with this and done a bunk. Now Reef only comes out for food and darts away to go.

‘E’ Minor is feeding well and is enjoying doing the target training. He can now put his nose on the target stick and hold it.

New Pups for 2006/07 Rescue Season

Roo is on fish soup now and doing really well. He is also moulting quite heavily and now has little black face and flippers, and is still sucking on his welly.

Roo in the main hospital - Photo was taken by Rachael Vine

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