Sanctuary's Latest News Update 22nd August 2008

Magnus is a little off his fish at the moment and has also managed to scratch his eye whilst itching his head. He is receiving antibiotics in his fish and eye drops for his eye. Fatima is keeping a close eye on Magnus, and making sure he feels OK.

Lizzie, Sheba (right), Snoopy, Anneka, Ray, Marlin and Atlanta have all now taken up residents in the nursery pools, which is leaving the convalescent pool a little empty.
Photo of Yulelogs was taken by Robert Oxford Flipper and Yulelogs (right) are both still being a nuisance during pool cleaning, with Yulelogs doing a lot of rolling all around the enclosure.

Rocky and Boadi are continuing to do with training and enjoying the feed ball treats that the Animal Care Team are giving them.

Chaff and Andy are also doing well with training and Andy coming on in leaps and bounds.
Luna and Sija are missing the contact with the Animal Care Team with April sharing their pool. April (left) is, we think, finally becoming a real grey seal and has started to take fish in her mouth and chew it, she has yet to swallow them.Photo of April was taken by Véronique Crombé
Keep It Coming!Sahara loves his new ice machine, which has being loaned to the Seal Sanctuary for the summer, from Hubbard's a company based in Ipswich. Sahara was a little scared by it first of all but now looks forward to the little shed door opening, as he knows that the next thing that happens is the ice comes out. Need More Ice!
Nice and Cold!The machine produces about ½ ton of ice and he loves it when it all comes out. Training is going well on the ice and he looks forward to receiving his fish there. Once feeding time has finished Sahara likes to get out on the ice and rub his nose in it and take big mouthfuls and crunch it between his teeth.
Both Thai and Bamboo are doing well. Bamboo seems to have coped with the large amount of visitors the Sanctuary received over the summer and has had no incidents of fits. He is also still getting away with hiding food from Thai.Thai and Bamboo
ReefThe goats and Stanley, the sheep, are all not enjoying the rain that has descended over Cornwall in the last few weeks. When there is a break in the weather, the goats and Stanley come out to graze. The ponies have been enjoying the fresh green grass that has been sprouting up with all the rain we have had.

Reef (left) likes to spend his mornings before the visitors arrive exploring site and checking everything is in order for the visitors.
Did you know...£2 per month will provide 10 days of medication for a hyperthyroid seal
£5 per month will allow us train one additional seal rescue volunteer
£10 per month will pay for one day’s fish for the resident seals

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