Update 22nd June 2007

Magnus is still splashing in the pool for more fish, and is on the move again. He also seems unfazed by the pups that are sleeping near him.

Fatima is being very pushy at feeding time but Magnus never tells her off.

Lizzie is very hungry at the moment, and is eating her fish like bugs bunny eating a carrot.

Sheba is spending lots of time sleeping on the steps, and was treated to ice blocks at the weekend, unfortunately near the end of the ice block Ray came along and stole it and finished it up.

Anneka is not very hungry at the moment, doing lots of swimming around the pool and following Ray into the nursery pool.

Snoopy is happy all by herself in the nursery pool but is still moaning at feeding time when the Animal Care Team don't come over to feed her.

Ray has been busy this week playing with Anneka and stealing ice blocks off Lizzie.

Marlin was scared of the ice blocks, he cannot see them and when he does find them, they are a little cold on his nose.

Attie is back to eating this week and still enjoying having fun and playing on the raft.

Sahara has been playing tug-of-war with the seagulls this week over the fish, and every time Sahara wins. Flotsam and Jetsam are still with us and will be for the next few weeks.

Yulelog is spending lots of time in his ring in the morning, floating with his head in the ring. Flipper is very hungry and the Animal Care Team cannot feed him fast enough so Flipper has taken charge of the bucket and keeps sticking his head in the bucket and running off with it.

The Animal Care Team have upped Rocky's fish, but Rocky still thinks he is getting the same amount. He counts his fish and when it gets to what he thinks is the last one; he goes back in to the water and swims to the other end of the pool. The Animal Care Team then have to shout for him to come back and finish off his fish.

Carus and Boadi, our Southern Sea Lions are in love, so much so you sometimes cannot see where one Sea Lion ends and the other begins. Boadi is playing hard to get but doing lots of flirting. Carus has rubbed his eye and made it red, we had to keep the pool dry overnight as we had workman in first thing the next morning to do some work.

Chaff is still scared of Rocky and is a little nervous during training but is improving. Mika this week found a new toy. A small blue pen had managed to somehow get in to her pool, and she was swimming around with it in her mouth, luckily the Animal Care Team managed to retrieve it off her.

Thai and Bamboo are still being naughty during feeding time and hanging off the trousers of the Animal Care Team.

Our Goats: Elvis and Priscilla are still loving the shelter Tamara made for them out of an old slide.

Our Ponies: Bracken managed to escape in to another field and started munching on the grass. Muffin is pretending to be deaf at tea time, so she can nibble more grass, which means the Animal Care Team have to go and catch her to bring her in for the night.

Reef, our cat, has a little graze on his chin, possibly fighting again, but it is healing.


Convalescence Pool
Pluto is still doing lots of swimming and singing at the top of his voice. Tiger Lilly is moulting, very unusual for a pup. One of them has been using Magnus as a pillow and sleeping on his back (no complaints from Magnus). Tiger Lilly, Pluto, Olive, Boss and Eve are all putting on weight at a good pace and should be released back into the wild very soon.

Did you know that.....Each pup can cost up to 1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to adopt a pup
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