Update 22nd April 2005

This week Magnus is back to having his own bucket of fish but is forced to share it with Fatima who has yet to re-gain the weight lost during her moult.

It is obvious who is eating all the fish in the convalescent pool; Anneka, Lizzie and Attie have ever expanding waistlines!

Sheba is still suffering with her eyes. This week the animal care team are planning to stain her eyes to see if there are any scratches to the surface of her eyes. As a precaution she has been put onto antibiotics and pain relief.

Marlin has gone back to ‘watching’ Magnus’ every move obviously learning how to be a big seal! Ray is not as keen to learn and has spent the week sleeping on the top step of the convalescent pool.

Snoopy is still keen on having an easy feed and stealing fish from Magnus but the animal care team have encouraged her to feed in the pool as she can be very vocal and disruptive during talks!

Flotsam and Jetsam have received antibiotics and pain relief due to minor eye problems but have now been given the ‘all clear’ from the vet and are off treatment.

Over the past two months, Flipper and Yulelogs feeds have been carefully weighed to ensure Flipper gets twice as much fish to allow him to re-gain the weight that he had lost during his moult. This week Flipper’s food has finally been reduced back down to normal amounts as he has put his weight back on and is looking in fine form.

Rocky and Pepper have been hungry this week and so have enjoyed a few extra treats including conger eels and feed balls.

Carus and Dipsy look like they may be starting a new breeding season. They have been very attentive but as usual Carus is unaware of his own strength and has received a few love bites that have required treatment.

The Otters have received a health check this week from the vet and all seems to be well. The animal care team have also collected the Otters’ annual faecal samples which will be sent off to check for worms.

Muffin is now getting on better with Bracken and Tuppence although they like to keep her on her toes but she is holding her own very well. She does require a little more attention at the moment as she needs her feet painted every day with special hoof hardener to help combat her laminitis. She has also received a health check from the vet and has received her vaccinations for Tetanus and Equine Flu as well as receiving her microchip and passport.

The goats have been enjoying watching all the goings on in the pony paddock next door as everyone gets to know each other. They have also been tucking into lots of brambles this week especially selected by the animal care team.


Hope, Ribble and Camel were released at Porthtowan on the 12th of April 2005. The release went very well and all went straight into the water and played in the waves for a short time before heading their separate ways.

Teign, Brant and Lune have all been hat tagged and had their final blood samples taken. All have come back clear and so are awaiting a fine spell of weather so that they can be released.

Tees, Clifford and Don have all been moved to a nursery pool ready to be hat tagged and have their final blood samples taken.

Taw has now joined Dee, Wiske and Lew in the convalescent pool and all are feeding well and getting larger by the day.

All pups in the pox pool are now in recovery only Ermine still has visible pox lesions. This means that Dinky and Hoompah will soon be making the trip back to Ireland for release and Winter and Dagger’s release can be scheduled very soon. This will allow the smaller pups (Breezie, Smokey, Bubbles, Clyde and Ermine) to gain more before being released.

Gannel has made a speedy recovery and has received the ‘all clear’ from our vet this week. He has been moved down to the nursery pools to get used to feeding himself in the pool and gain weight before going through to the convalescent pool for the final stage.

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