Update 21st September 2007

Magnus has been having a lazy week, but doing lots of snoring which does amuse our visitors.

Lizzie can be found waiting on the side of the pool for fish at feeding times, she also is always last to go back in the pool at the end of feeding after the bucket has been banged just in case there is an extra fish going spare.

Anneka, Fatima and Sheba were fighting over a conger eel that they were given as a treat. Fatima won and quickly disappeared into a nursery pool with it. But didn't eat it, just held it her mouth, teasing the others.

Snoopy was unhappy this week at being pushed around by Ray and still Fatima.

Ray has been a naughty boy this week and has been stealing fish from all the residents. Once he had stolen the fish, he disappears into nursery pool 2, forcing Snoopy to do a lot of moaning and scarper in to nursery pool 1.

Marlin has been pestering Magnus again this week, much to the annoyance of Magnus.

Attie is a little angel and after going off her fish last week, as got her appetite back. She is also spending lots of time on her raft.

Flotsam, Jetsam and Sahara have had their feed upped to four times a day, ready for their trip. Sahara is getting very fast and is like superman at catching fish.

Logs will now let the Animal Care Team touch his rear flipper during training. Flipper has taken a dislike to our volunteer, and like to chase him during pool cleaning with his mouth open (that's Flipper not the volunteer).

Rocky is being very stubborn and refusing to be moved when we clean his pool, all he wants is for it to be filled with water again.

Carus has been helping clean the windows with the Animal Care Team, but also been swearing at the Animal Care Team when they don't feed him quick enough at feeding time. Boadi has been jumping off Carus's rock, but sometimes get a little scared and refuses to jump.

Mika has been naughty this week, and will not do as she is being told in training. Chaff is a good boy, and after the Animal Care Team dropped his target stick into the enclosure, Chaff retrieved it and gave it back when asked to, so extra fish for Chaff.

Thai and Bamboo both doing well with the cage training for when we go to weigh them. Also they were treated to some maggots which Thai really disliked, but Bamboo loves even if he is a little scared of them.

The goats have been helping the site team this week. When they went on their walk, they were doing a good job of trimming the hedges.

The ponies are all fenced in again now, so hopefully no more breaking out.

Reef, our cat, is spending lots of time on site, but has also decided on a new career as a cat burglar, as he was found near the back of the hospital licking his lips, possibly stealing fish from fish prep.



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