Update 21st July 2006

Magnus has started his trick again of splashing and soaking the Animal Care Team (ACT) in the hope of getting some extra fish.

Lizzie has been quiet this week, the team thinks she is missing the pups she loved to look after.

Fatima is causing trouble at feeding time by trying to jump into the bucket of fish.

Sheba has been a little grumpy this week, when the pool has been cleaned, and has been giving Snoopy a run for the noisiest seal in the convalescence pool.

Anneka is enjoying having the ACT in the pool at feeding times, and still has a naughty look in her eye. Now that all the pups have left, she is enjoying having the nursery pool to herself.

Ray is still causing trouble for the ACT especially during cleaning now due to his over enthusiastic playing with the hose which now has several holes. Ray has also been chasing the seagulls at feeding time.

Marlin is very hungry at the moment and the ACT are having to watch out for him.

After last week of hugging the buoy, Attie is now back to sitting on her raft even when the pool is being cleaned.

Flotsam and Jetsam both doing really well at training and a few patches of new fur coming through. At the moment they are always on the look out for fish.

Yulelogs and Flipper both have been a bit lazy this week, but enjoying the attention from the volunteers. Enjoying the sunshine and doing lots of sleeping.

Rocky and Pepper both are enjoying the sunshine and are spending a lot of time sunbathing. The warm weather seems to be helping Pepper's arthritis.

Carus is still looking a little round, and has now put himself on a diet, by refusing some types of fish like sardines and squid.

Mika is finding training difficult due to the increase in visitors but the ACT is working hard to build on her confidence. Chaff is doing well with his training but is easily distracted. He is also a little scared of Rocky who is being very vocal at the moment.

Samuel, a new member of our entertainments team, is fascinated by both Bamboo and Thai, Samuel who is still training cannot wait to get in the enclosure to give talks…We are sure both Bamboo and Thai will think of some sort of mischief they can get into, to welcome him to Otter Creek.

All the ponies have been bothered this week by the increase of flies, despite the effort of the ACT giving them lots of garlic powder everyday.

The goats have finally moulted that last piece of hair and can now enjoy the sunshine without getting too hot.

PUPS: Ginger, wearing hat tag ID C6, and Stoggs (J9) are up to weight and ready to be released back into the wild.. Bogart (J1) and Fawn (no hat) still have a few more kilos to put on before they are ready to go back to the wild.

Reef is doing well and growing in confidence, and will now greet the ACT at feeding time.

Our new leaflet for 2006 is now available to download from the visitor's information page.

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