Update 21st April 2006

Magnus due to the sunshine disappearing this week, Magnus has spent his time sleeping at the bottom of the pool. Magnus makes sure he doesn’t miss a meal; he still manages to surface and get himself out the pool on to the side ready for feeding time.

Both Fatima and Sheba have discovered Magnus and Lizzie get fed on the side of the pool and now want to join in – leaving one unlucky member of the Animal Care Team surrounded until they get a fish.

Lizzie has been sleeping on the side of the pool and her wounds and jaw are a little better. The Animal Care Team are still having to hide Lizzie’s pills in small fish, so she swallow’s them whole, instead of tearing them apart and disposing of the pills.

Anneka eye is a little better and been spending time with Ray causing havoc.

Snoopy has finished moulting and now has a nice new grey coat.

Attie still has a full coat of hair and enjoys playing with the hose and wrapping herself up in it during pool cleaning time.

In a bid to get more fish, Marlin will now respond to the name ‘Attie’ and will dive out the pool onto the side. After the tank top Ray wore last year, he now has a jumper of hair – fingers crossed he will finally get a full body of hair.

Flotsam is up to playing tricks on his brother. Flotsam pretends not to be hungry at the start of feeding time and waits until Jetsam has finished all his fish before deciding he is hungry and eating all his fish in front of Jetsam.

Flipper and Yulelog have both had no problems adjusting to training in the new pool, although not as deep, the boys have had great fun diving for the fish and splashing the visitors.

Pepper has stopped limping, and both are now are more intrigued by the Fur seals then ever. Rocky is still coming out of the pool when the team shout to Chaff. Both Rocky and Pepper are taking to sleeping in their cave.

Carus was pleased to have the attention of 66 children who visited the Seal Sanctuary on Tuesday, and came and said ‘Hello’ to many at the gate.

Mika and Chaff’s training is going well. Mika is now training on the side of the pool, they are now on three feeds a day instead of four.

Thai and Bamboo - now the warmer weather has arrived, the pair can be found sleeping in the log pile. For bedding they have used the trees that were put in the enclosure last week as themeing.

Bracken, Tuppence and Muffin have had a visit from the farriery this week, so they have nice new feet.

Elvis, Pricilla, Monty and Churchill with the Animal Care Team are trying a healthy life style with salads and more fruit, the goats have seen a big benefit to this . . . . more food for the goats.


Smuggler continues to do well and now weighs 17 kilos. His eye is improving and he is now on his final week of eye drops, and next week we should be able to put water in his pen.

Ginger and Boggart continue to eat well. Stoggs has seen an improvement in his eye.

Doom, Wombat, Stella and Guvnor are all still continue to wait for their final bloods to be taken and hat tags fitted.

Convalescence Pool : All pups continue to do well and are getting possessive of their fish. Once they have caught their fish, the pups leap out the pool and into the caves to eat them.

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