Update 20th November 2005

After a couple of weeks in the nursery pools, Magnus’s eyes are a lot better. The Animal Care Team have also noticed hair in the pool so we think he has started to moult.

Sheba is squinting in one eye after Ray got jealous of Sheba’s relationship with Marlin.

Ray is still jealous of Sheba and Marlin, and wants Sheba to like him instead of Marlin.

Marlin has finally got over his obsession with Sheba, and is now back to being friends with Ray.

Anneka is enjoying her fish at the moment.

Fatima has come back out of the caves and she is not moulting yet.

Lizzie’s eye is all better now, and she is very hungry; she keeps jumping out of the pool hoping to get more fish.

Atlanta is having a great time with the pups in the convalescent pool.

Snoopy has taken the hint from Skinner and is now back to her old moaning self.

Flotsam and Jetsam are still refusing to do any training, but seem to have gained their appetite back.

Flipper has had a change of antibiotics this week and seems to be improving everyday. Yulelog is off his food but we do know that one of them has started to moult because we have found hair in their pool.

Rocky has been very vocal this week, and can be heard barking. Pepper is being very fussy and not wanting her afternoon feed. The Animal Care Team are keeping a close eye on her and her weight to make sure she doesn’t lose too much.

Carus had been treated to Conger eel and Dips didn’t get a look in, so the Animal Care Team gave her some extra Mackerel.

Bamboo and Thai are not happy unless they are getting into mischief. The Animal Care Team got a shock this week while cleaning at their holt. The door from the holt to the enclosure works on a rope, which you just lift up, when we let the otters out in the morning. We keep this door closed when we clean, as it stops the otters getting into the holt when we are trying to clean it. Thai has now worked out how this door works, and this week scared the life out of the team, by lifting up the door with her paws and getting Bamboo to climb in.

Bracken, Tuppence and Muffin, our ponies, are going for the record of amount of grass eating by one pony in a day. This week we don’t think they have lifted their heads once to find out what’s going on.

Elvis, Priscilla, Monty and Churchill, our goats, are pleased that this week they will not be going on exercise around site this week.


Blonde has moved to the main hospital, she is off treatment and has water in her pen; this is so she can get some much needed exercise.

Guinness is now off treatment and weighs 17.5kg, once we get the blood results back, and all is clear Guiness can be moved down to the nursery pools.

Mite is battling away for top seal in the convalescents pool, and is slowly getting there. She is stealing fish from the other seals, and likes to know every thing that is going on.

Quinn is now in the main hospital, and still very hungry. She is also a very noisy pup.

Skinner keeps jumping out of the pool, whenever the team or visitors are near the enclosure. This is not good for Skinner so we are making noise to scare him back in the pool.

Spike is doing well in the nursery pool.

Thatcher is doing well in the nursery pool.

Tusker's cough has now cleared up and he has been moved back down to the nursery pool top join Spike and Thatcher.

And finally

A sponsorship of one of our seal pups, resident seals, sea lions, ponies, goats or otters, would make a perfect Christmas Gift for family or friend, we are offering a great deal on our adoptions during the Christmas period. If you buy any one of our sponsorship packages either adult, child or a pup, we will give you one free (free sponsorship must be of equal value to adoption purchased). Your free sponsorship is exactly the same as the normal sponsorship, which includes photo certificate, gift and free admission.

To find out more details about our Adoption Special Offer, please contact Margaret at the Sanctuary via email seals@sealsanctuary.co.uk or by phone on 01326 221361.

Margaret, our adoption coordinator

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