Update 20th August 2004
Magnus is doing a lot of sun bathing at the moment and very little else. Sheba has a squinty eye which is being treated with antibiotics. Hattie has had a new raft made by Tamara Cooper, one of the animal care team. Marlin is still missing Ray. Ray is missing Marlin a lot, and even when Frodo cuddles up to him, he still misses Marlin.

Flotsam and Jetsam still have hair, and a trip to the hairdressers may be in order. These guys are loving the extra feeds from the children.
Flipper and Yulelog finally found the courage to explore the deep end of the pool, and are having a fantastic time.

Love is in the air for our resident sealions. Rocky and Pepper, who are moulting, are really in love. Carus is spending his time catching sea gulls, when he is not doing this he finds time to cuddle with Dippy.

Thai and Bamboo have found a hole in their pool and keep disappearing in to it, they look very shifty when they come out. The animal care team have found blue pawprints in their holt, think they may be trying to break out. Thai has been weighed this week and is a healthy weight. Bamboo on the other hand is a chicken and scared of the scales.

The Goats have been out on site this week, and so are looking all trim. The Ponies are enjoying the sunshine and are not bothered by the flies since the new fly fringes. Thomas the cat has a new food which is fishy flavour, and he is enjoying it!!!!! Our animal care team are looking forward to the new seal rescue season.

We have just started a Visitors and Supporters photo section which will be updated during the season.

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