Update 20th July 2007

Magnus has been off exploring this week, and was found hauled out at two different places. Earlier in the week he was found by the caves (very unlike Magnus) and at the end of the week, he was found sleeping down on the large haul out area between the nursery pools and convalescent pool.

Fatima has been a little quiet this week, but we are sure something is brewing and will be set to change very soon.

Lizzie has been playing with the two remaining pups (Eve and Boss), giving them piggy back rides around the convalescent Pool.

Sheba has also been a little quiet this week, but when she has been a little active, she has been trying to get on the raft in the middle of the pool, with very little success, as soon as she gets half her body on it, it tips up, and she ends up falling off.

Anneka keeps popping out on the side, at the Animal Care Team, and she seems to have an up-to-no-good look in her eye.

Snoopy spent the beginning of the week moaning at the top of her voice, as the pups that were to be released back into the wild were in her pool. By Monday the pups had gone and the pool was opened back up much to

Snoopy's delight and she was straight back in there. She is also off her fish at the moment as at feeding time she is just chewing it and spitting it back out.

Ray is doing his impression of a periscope and doing lots of bobbing and spinning, he is also missing his friend Tiger Lilly who was released back into the wild on Monday (16th of July 2007).

Marlin has been a good boy this week, and hasn't even got cross with the pups who decided to climb all over him.

Attie can be found in her favourite spot during pool cleaning, which is on top of the raft, but as soon as the pool starts to fill, she is off it like a shot.

Flotsam is still doing lots of gurgling and growling, and is hungry. Jetsam is off his food, but he is a little on the heavy side. Sahara is a little on the lean side, and so we will be weighing him over the week end. With Jetsam off his fish, the sea gulls have realised there is extra fish for them.

Flipper's eye is still a problem, so a change in treatment should help to clear up this infection. Log's is being very caution of Flipper during training, and always has one eye on the Animal Care Team and one on Flipper.

Rocky is doing lots of barking, and amusing the visitors. He is feeding and training is going well, but he is counting fish again and is going back in the water before he is told to.

Carus maybe having a bit of a problem with the size of the fish at the moment (surely not Carus!!) as they are a little on the big size, and the fish guts are getting stuck in his throat, that he can be heard clearing it, and splitting the guts on the side of the pool. Boadi no problems with the size of fish, but disliking the thought of a sea gull flying off with lunch, that earlier this week when the sea gull caught the fish, and was about to fly, Boadi caught hold of the other end and dragged the sea gull under water until he let go of the fish. Running score: Boadi -1 Sea Gull - 0

Mika is being taught a new command, which is to hold on the rock, it is earlier days, but she is very bright and should pick it up in no time.

Chaff is getting more confident with his training but is still worried about Rocky on the other side of the glass.

The Animal Care Team have come up with a new enrichment game for Thai and Bamboo. It involves putting a piece of fish on the end of a stick and dragging it through the water. Thai loves this game and could play it all day long. Bamboo on the other hand after one go at it decided it was definitely too much effort. The otter enclosure at the moment looks like a tornado has passed through, as all the vegetation has been ripped up, and both have been making huge puddles for when it rains to collect the water and have a mud bath.

All the goats have been doing the hokey-cokey with the increasing showers and sunshine (in-out-in-out ect ect..)

Ponies - Number of days since last escape 7 days. Once again nothing is keeping these ponies in as Bracken escaped earlier in the week, and then the very next day Tuppence followed suit. At the moment, the highest number of days without an escape is about 30.

Reef, our cat, is receiving treatment for the fights he keeps getting in to, so we are thinking of sending him on a self defense course.


Convalescence Pool:
Our two remaining pups, Eve and Boss, were weighed at the weekend, Boss weighs 45 kilos and Eve weighs 37 kilos, and we could be looking to release them back into the wild before the end of the month.

Did you know that.....Each pup can cost up to 1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to adopt a pup
or make a donation towards a pup's rehabilitation, please click here
Our leaflet for 2007 is available to download from the visitor's information page.

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