Sanctuary's Latest News Update 20th June 2008
Magnus (right) is very hungry at the moment and has been spoilt by the Animal Care Team by having his own bucket of fish at feeding time. Unfortunately all the others have cottoned on to this and can be found crowding Magnus during feeding time. He also still has a little bit of moulting to do, with a very stubborn patch of fur on his back. Fatima is being a little minx, and knows when feeding time comes around that Magnus gets special treatment and waits by the gate. The other morning she managed to get her head in the bucket and steal some of the fish. Magnus
Sheba is also hungry and has also been receiving extra fish from the Animal Care Team. Anneka is still receiving treatment for her eye, and it has opened a little in the last few days. Anneka has been receiving extra fish with her pills in, this way we can guarantee she receives her medication. Lizzie is doing lots of splashing in the pool, and keeps coming out on to the side of the pool catching her fish and going back in to the water, unfortunately Lizzie forgot the pool was not completely full, about ¾, so she made a big splash when she went back in which amused our visitors.
Yulelogs Flipper and Yulelogs (left) are both not enjoying the sunshine as it keeps shining in their eyes, even with the shading we have created for them, they would like some sunglasses. Flipper is doing well with the cage training and will go in one end and out the other. Yulelogs not doing so well and is a little bit scared but is getting there.
Snoopy is getting her more than her fair share of the fish and looking very plump, but is still moaning about everything. Ray has been sleeping by Magnus this week, and with no grumpiness from Magnus. Marlin has been quiet this week and has mostly been enjoying the sunshine. Attie can be found in the middle of the pups at feeding time. She either has not cottoned on to the fact the other residents are at the other end of the pool, or she is being very smart and can get more fish by being with the pups.
Luna (right) is lactating (producing milk) which means the arrival of the new pup is only days away. Luna is starting to look a little uncomfortable and doesn't like to move around the pool too much. Both Luna and Sija are feeding well and Sija can't understand what all the fuss is about with Luna.

Rocky is still receiving 10 kilos of fish a week, but we still have to weigh him to see if he is back to his old weight. For this to happen, we need help in the shape of large wooden pallets large enough for a sea lion to get on it. If you can help, please call the Seal Sanctuary on 01326 221361.
Boadi is doing really well with her training and will now go right in to the cage no problems.

Chaff - The quote and up date given by Clare, one of our Animal Care Team, is…'Excellent' Training going well and being a good boy, that we have even started to go back in to the enclosure again for more hands on stuff. Sahara is growing a nice slivery/dark fur all over and is looking fantastic. He is also a little grumpy during pool cleaning that we are thinking of putting him and Snoopy in the same pool, they can then moan to each other. Sahara's pool still contains his toys, but will only play with them when no one is watching.
Stanley Goats and Stanley - Elvis is feeling a little under the weather and is being treated to toast and jam. Stanley (left) is not too keen on walks around the Sanctuary as he gets bullied by Priscilla. Ponies are looking very trim and the Animal Care Team have been pulling up the weeds and buttercups, but then seem to be growing faster then we can get rid of them.

Reef (our cat) has been helping with the weeding in the paddocks, and spending lots of time sleeping under the release trailer.
Nursery Pool 2 - April is feeding a lot better, she even bites and scratches the Animal Care Team when they go in to feed her. She is getting on well with the other pup Simbad, and is even in the water swimming about, but is still showing no interest in fish. Sinbad is doing well but needs to be a better teacher.

Convalescent Pool - Imogen has been nipped by one of the residents in this pool and we should have another 4 seals ready for release in a few weeks. They are Hannibal, Davy, Torin and Imogen. Others needing to put on weight are Cubert, Fabula, Tegan and Risk.
Seal pups coming out of the trailer as Jenifer changes her mind!Earlier this week, Baggy, Predrek, Jenifer, Monopoly, Samson and Piran were released back into the wild on Tuesday at Porthtowan.

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Seals being released back into the wild
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