Update 20th May 2005

This week the convalescent pool have enjoyed their favourite treat; conger eels! Whilst the girls excitedly chased each other around the pool, Magnus got hold of his conger eel and fell asleep with it! Fatima has been full of beans this week; in particular, she has been playing with our last pup in the convalescent pool; Gannel who is not quite sure how to react to her interest. Anneka and Ray have also been up to mischief and have been seeking each other out in the pool to cause trouble.

Flotsam and Jetsam are now approaching their breeding season. This is the time that common seals will start to feed themselves up so that they are in the best possible condition. The common seals appetites have increased over the last week and as a result, the animal care team have increased their daily food allowance.

Flipper and Yulelogs have had a bit of a shock this week with the increase in visitor numbers. When they come out of the pool to do their target training, there are now lots of moving legs and cameras right in front of their noses. This has surprised both the boys a little and temporarily made them a little shy of coming out on the side of the pool. However, this only lasted for a day or two and their confidence was soon restored when their tummies started rumbling!

The animal care team have noticed that Rocky may be starting to moult this week. Pepper has learnt a new skill with her hose ring. Not only has she learnt to put the ring around her neck, wearing it as a necklace at feeding times, she has also learnt to take it off again.

Carus and Dipsy have also enjoyed conger eels this week, although poor Dipsy doesn’t really get a look in as Carus can devour a conger eel in seconds!

This week, Thai and Bamboo have been introduced to sardines. Both were very attracted by the little shiny fish but whilst Bamboo played with his, Thai simply gorged herself on hers! The otters have also had new conifer branches placed on their log pile and scattered around the enclosure which resulted in lots of sniffing and re-arranging – the animal care team never get it quite right!!

All the paddock animals have been out and about around the sanctuary this week. With the goats, as usual, it’s a race to see who can get around as quickly as possible, followed by a very out of breath member of the animal care team. With the ponies it is only slightly more relaxing, although the animal care team are taking it slowly to allow Muffin to learn her new environment.


Hoompah, Dinky and Breezie were released on Wednesday the 18th of May 2005 at Port Gaverne. Dinky and Breezie (both girls) came straight out the trailer and in to the water, Hoompah had a few problems due to his weight and decided he wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge, and played in the shallows for a while before going off.

Dee, Wiske and Lew had their final blood samples taken and their hat tags applied and along with Taw were released today (Friday 20th May 2005) at Gwithian. First out of the trailer was Lew (hat tag number 51), he went out and was happy to play in the surf. Second of the trailer was Wiske (hat tag number 56), she didn't want to go, but after 10 minutes she made her way to the water. Taw had no hat, he was third out the trailer and went straight to the water. Last out of the trailer was Dee (hat tag number 50) with the scar on his shoulder is still visible, he was reluctant to go but once he felt the water on his flippers he was off. Photos of Dee, Wiske and Lew being released are below.

This just leaves Gannel in the convalescent pool putting on weight and playing with his Auntie Fatima, Bubbles, Smokey, Ermine and Clyde who, depending on their weights, will be ready for release by next week.

Briannock is now two weeks old and is being introduced to fish after being on a milk substitute since her arrival. She is now incredibly wriggly and getting stronger by the day as she steadily puts on weight.

Also we had our second new pup of the 2005/2006 pupping season.   Wey was rescued from Tintagel on the 17th of May 2005. She was 18.5 kg and is around 8 –10 weeks old. She has broken teeth, a broken digit in her flipper and puncture wounds to her body. She is quite an aggressive little pup despite all her injuries.

Dee being released - hat tag 50Lew being released - hat tag 51 Wiske - hat tag 56, looking back to say goodbye!
Dee, Lew and Wiske being released back into the wild.
These photos were taken by Rachael Vine.

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