Update 20th April 2007

Magnus is doing lots of moving about this week, and even ventured in to the nursery pool for a little afternoon kip.

Lizzie had a bit of a scare this week, when during pool cleaning, one of the pups got over excited and fell in to the pool. Luckily Lizzie was able to cushion the pup's fall. Both are fine now and have no bumps or bruises from the incident.

Fatima is spending lots of time by her self in the caves; this is because she is still moulting.

Sheba is spending lots of time sleeping on the steps in the sunshine, she is also doing lots of gazing at Magnus……but more so his fish bucket. Anneka is doing lots of popping out the pool and scaring the Animal Care Team.

Snoopy is spending less time in the nursery pools; this is probably because her dad (Magnus) kicked her out earlier in the week.

Ray is still making holes in the hose pipe but is helping the Animal Care Team with the leaks by putting the hole-y hose pipe in his mouth to stop the water spurting out. He is also been trying to be stealthy - and sneaking up on the Animal Care Team, but Ray has to learn not to make so much noise as the team, can hear him coming from a mile.

Marlin has been doing lots of swimming and keeping himself to himself - this is starting to make the Animal Care Team think he is up to something.

Both Flotsam and Jetsam have had a bit of a tough time from Rocky, has both have had little nips on their rear flippers. Flot also decided to go for a wonder around the enclosure to avoid walking past Rocky and got himself stuck on the granite at the top of the pool. The Animal Care Team had to be called to escort him back to the water, by Flot missed a flipper footing and rolled down the granite and into the pool. Flot is ok and was not hurt apart from pride. On Friday both are going to be moved back to the old pool, so we can finish the fencing on Rocky's pool.

Flipper and Yulelogs are both doing lots of training during feed time and it is going very well. You do get the odd day when they can't be bothered, but are keen to do it the next day.

Enjoying annoying Flot and Jet, but Rocky is now spending time in his waterfall, which after a few weeks, he has finally got used to.

Carus has been enjoying an extra feed this week from the children who have visited the Sanctuary and the extra company.

Mika and Chaff are still in love and will not leave each other along, not even for feeding time. Mika has received a love bite from Chaff, which we are treating with antibiotics, and this should heal over the next week or so.

Both Thai and Bamboo have been doing some training this week, as Thai has to go to the vets in a few weeks, to have her chip removed. Thai has also taken up a hobby, which is always nice - unfortunately her hobby is collecting toads, much to the annoyance of the toads, who would rather hop around the enclosure instead of being carried in Thai's arm.

Our Goats - Elvis is now feeling a lot better, after the treatment of toast and jam, and this has even given the other goats a new lease of life, so much so that Churchill has been chasing the Animal Care Team around the paddock.

The ponies have been very good this week apart from Tuppance who tried to kick the Animal Care Team during brushing.

Reef (our cat) has been spending a lot of time hiding up at the paddocks, and sleeping under the trailer in the afternoon/early evening.

Sahara (the hoody) is being very lazy and is only eating the fish if thrown straight in front of him, this means the sea gulls seem to end up with more fish then him. Flot and Jet will be moved back in to this pool, and this should encourage him to feed and fight for the fish.


Coral, hospital pen 4, has been wormed and weighed, is now self-feeding and very hungry. She has also become very snappy, and it's lucky we have a towel to protect our selves.

Nursery Pool 1
Tiger Lilly is doing very well, catching her share of the fish, and slowly putting on weight, they have now been moved in to the Convalescence Pool. Mowgli is now over forty kilos and is next on list to be released.

Seal Pups released back into the wild
On Friday morning at 7am, Ariel, Nemo, Spongebob, Tigger, Bambi and Belle were loaded up into the trailer, and we headed out to Gwithian. We arrived after a very bumpy journey (seals getting excited about the sea air) to find the water flat and calm. As soon as the trailer door was down, all six were off, with Ariel leading the way, two stayed around for about 10 minutes before finally disappearing around the coast.

Convalescence Pool
We will have some more seal pups ready to go next week. If you haven't visited this seasons rescued pups, come and see us this weekend before it's too late.

Did you know that.....Each pup can cost up to £1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to adopt a pup
or make a donation towards a pup's rehabilitation, please click here
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