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Issue 68
20th March 2012

Busiest Rescue Season Ever for Us!
This winter has seen the Animal Care Team rescue the highest number of pups in the history of the Seal Sanctuary. Since July we have seen over 60 pups come through the rehabilitation facility.

On the 16th March 2012 we had good weather and tides and three pups were returned back to the wild, they included Tesla, Zappa and Malakite who made the short journey to Gunwalloe.

This still leaves 28 at the Sanctuary, but we are awaiting seven transfers from the RSPCA.
Sleepy pup heading down the beach

Above: Sleepy pup heading down the beach
Tesla, who was named by Site Foreman Wayne Kemp
Above: Tesla, who was named by Site Foreman Wayne Kemp
All the other rescued seal pups at the Sanctuary are continuing to do well and putting on weight.

Chuck Norris has been moved back to the hospital due to an abscess on his spine, but he is receiving a course of antibiotic and pain relief and will hopefully be back to his normal self very soon.

Champion and Russell are in nursery pool 1 and Stephen Fry in nursery pool 4.
Post Monitoring Release - How Can You Help?
The Sanctuary not only relies on the public to spot injured or abandoned seals but to help with the post monitoring release. If you are out and about the Cornish coastline and you spot a seal, it may be a seal we have released in the past, the Sanctuary would like to know about any of these seals, we need to know it´s location (where you saw the seal), the colour of the tag (each rescue season we use a different colour tag, this year white tags), the date you saw the seal and the behaviour of the seal.
Then contact the Sanctuary at the following:-

Via email:    Text: 07788 526 308   Tel: 01326 221361

Residents Updates
Grey Seals
It is that time of the year when all our Grey seals start their annual moult.

Ray has already finished and is looking very handsome in his jet black coat with little patches of white around his neck.

All the girls are about halfway through their moult and all hungry, Atlanta has done well this year and has grown fur over half her body.

Snoopy is moulting and keeping herself to herself, and Fatima is still teasing Snoopy on a daily basis.

The girls have also taken a leaf out of Snoopy´s book and all come out on the side at feeding time, to be closer to the Animal Care Team.
The girls waiting for Dan
Flipper and Marlin have also moulted and this winter have become the best of friends. Flipper over the last few weeks has also had a problem with a poorly tooth but the team are checking it everyday for any changes.

Marlin has been making full use of the new enrichment toys provided by the Animal Care Team and his favourite is the hula hoop which he likes to dive through and the ball which he likes to throw and catch.

The surf board which for the past few weeks has been in with the Common seals has now been moved in with our Grey seals and both Cornish seals Flipper and Marlin are now having a go at getting on it.
Fur Seals
Andy and Chaff did have the surf board for a little time before it was given to the boys, but they were both rubbish at surfing. Both are well behaved at the moment and doing well with their training.

The Sanctuary is also having changes and one of the changes is that both don´t get a snack feed in the afternoon. Chaff (photo below) is not a happy seal and still looks at the team as they go by hoping he can catch their eye and get a few extra fish.

Feeding time is now more of enrichment and training and most days they either get feed balls or ice blocks.
Sea Lions
The Sea Lions have also been playing with hula hoops this week, with the team throwing them into the pool and the Sea Lions bringing them back. One morning Diego decided to take it out the pool, but has very big front flippers, he kept tripping over it.

The Animal Care Team have also started to train underwater with the Sea Lions, Noito (photo below) and André are doing well, but Diego has flatly refused to do any underwater training.
Pairing up Penguins
The penguin sanctuary is now more like a dating show, which the penguins pairing up and getting to know each other.

Ivy and Piran were the first to pair up a few months ago, but it has now started to rub off on the other penguins.

Gilbert is now together with Ruby and their house is box number 1, Ivy and Piran are in box number 3.

Lola and Barney left with each other, but seem to be more like friends then boyfriend/girlfriend, but we are hoping they will change their minds over the next few weeks, as both are sharing box number 2.

Gilbert (photo below) also doesn´t like it when the other penguins come in to his box and chase them out before turning around and pooping on them.
New home for Starsky and Hutch
It´s ok don´t panic they are not leaving the Sanctuary they have just had a new day den built in their enclosure using conifer branches, which they really love and most mornings can be found sleeping and hiding under these branches.

The only time you know their there is when the branches shiver and two sleepy heads pop up.

Dominance has also changed with Hutch now in charge, so to stop them arguing, the team are giving them extra feeds.
One of our otters
The little goats, Andrew and Steve, are getting cabin fever as the maintenance team have finally managed to stop Houdini. The Animal Care Team have scheduled lots of walks around the Sanctuary but under supervision.

Stanley, Bella and Bluebell have also been out on the walks with the goats down to the otters and back along Badgers Waddle.

Muffin, Bracken and Tuppence have also been for long walks around the Sanctuary, but Florence and Patrick (photo below) are still a little to timid of the visitors.
Florence and Patrick
Reef, the Sanctuary´s cat, has a few new scars from chasing things around the Sanctuary, but also has started not only to follow the staff but the visitors as well hoping for a treat or at least some of their lunch.
Animal Adoptions and Donations
If you would like to help with the cost of rehabilitation, it can cost up to £1500 to rehab each pup, you can help by taking out an adoption.
If you do find a pup on the beach, please call the Sanctuary on 01326 221361, and follow this advice:-

DON´T attempt to handle the pup.

DON´T attempt to put the pup back in the sea.

DO keep your distance.

DON´T ignore the situation.

DO tell the National Seal Sanctuary call 01326 221361.
Seal Pup in the wild Adoptions start from £25,
click on this link
for more information or
email the adoption coordinator at

Make a donation, click here for more details.

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