Weekly News Update w/e 20th January 2008
Magnus's Birthday Banner
Magnus is very quiet at the moment, he hardly uses any energy during feeding time, just enough to splash the water for more fish! The Animal Care Team also throw a few fish his way so he does not miss out.

Fatima is a little out of sorts as Magnus still does not fancy her, and she is doing all she can to entice him, but still nothing!

Sheba is still perusing the older man Magnus but even Sheba is not having any luck.
Anneka over the last few weeks has been taking a lot of interest in the noises coming from the window which was part of the underwater viewing area.

Lizzie is still catching some "Zzzzz" with her tongue hanging out, she also likes to swim with her tongue hanging out.
Snoopy is having random bursts of energy at feeding time, but they don't seem to last long!! then she is straight back on the side again near Magnus hoping she does not have to work for her fish. Snoopy is looking very yellow and brown, as she is starting to get ready for her annual moult.

Ray was a good boy when we had a film crew in, and didn't even attempt to be naughty - maybe he is starting to mellow as he gets older.
Snoopy keeping an eye on the pups
Marlin is still playing bully to the pups, but as the pups get bigger, Marlin is finding it a little more difficult to keep them under control.

Attie is still playing 'mum' to the pups and keeping a close flipper on them, making sure they stay out of trouble.

With the breeding season well underway, Flipper and Yulelogs have started sparing and doing lots of fighting, unfortunately this has not stopped them going after the Animal Care Team at cleaning time.

Luna and Sija, have had a short break from the grey seal pups, but now they have been joined by three more from the RSPCA. Both common seals seem not to be bothered by the additions to their pool.
Rocky has been joined by...Sahara but does not seem to notice or be bothered too much by him. He seems also to be a little happier with the company. After a year of travelling, Sahara is happy to be in one place. He looks forward to feeding time, and can be found watching for the Animal Care Team from 11am onwards, making sure they don't forget him. He is also started husbandry training and seems to catch on very quickly. Sahara and Rocky
Carus has been scheduled to see the vet as he is not feeling very well. Boadi is doing lots of swimming and seems to get more confident everyday with the visitors.

With the Sanctuary having two volunteers in, the otters are being treated to lots of different hiding places for their food. With two people in their feeding, Thai and Bamboo are having difficulty trying to decide who they follow at feeding time.

Goats - Elvis had a bit of the January blues, but is now back to his old self. All the goats have been wormed.

The ponies managed to break out every day this week, but they did not venture very far - only as far as the long grass. All the ponies were also wormed.

Reef, our cat, was a very good boy and made no fuss when he was wormed and flea treated.
Convalescent pool and Nursery Pool

Mina has been weighed and is over 40 kilos; we are waiting for nice weather so she can be released back into the wild. She also loved the camera crew being in and kept swimming passed them, making sure they got her on tape.

Hocken (photo right) is also ready to be released; waiting on the weather, and he refused to be filmed.
Kitto and Digory have now put on enough weight to be released back into the wild and can be found swimming and playing together, its like they are joined at the flipper, one is never far from the other.

Fenna is another fat lady and is still sporting her green underarm, where she was treated in the hospital.

Samson and Gryffin were a little unhappy at being put in the convalescent pool, but have now settled in to life in the big pool.
Nessa (photo right) was a little small thing with her black fur. In a week, she has piled on the weight and is now catching up with the other fat ones.

Because Pasco has now put on enough weight, he has been moved from the nursery pool 2 into the convalescent pool.

Alan is missing his companion Pasco but he will not be far behind putting on the extra weight he needs for the big pool.
After Dewy's swimming lessons in the hospital, he has now been moved outside to nursery pool 2 and is getting on very well with everyone.

After moving Dewy out of the hospital, we moved Ellie into the main hospital. She stayed in the hospital for about a week before being moved outside to the nursery pools.
Twister is still showing off and getting on well with the other pups and residents.

Scrabble (photo right) still likes to sit on the side and watch the antics from afar rather then join in.

Wella did really well in the hospital, with clear bloods and being able to feed in water, she was taken down to nursery pool 2.
Common Seal Pool

We also had three new arrivals on 16th of January 2008 from the RSPCA, they were Monopoly, Kerplunk and Jenga, these three seals seem to be a little bit more interested in people than the other rescued seals. These guys will spend a few weeks in this pool before being moved into the convalescent pool. With more seals in this pool, the pups will soon realise that seals are good and people are bad, and will hopefully be released back into the wild fully rehabilitated.
Main Hospital

Tegan is still in the hospital and is now in water; she is very noisy and likes to do a lot of singing.
Pedrek is now in the main hospital and is learning to feed for himself; it should not be too long before we can put water in his pool.

Gwithyen (photo right) is still in the main hospital, and loves to watch himself in the window.

Hannibal is still in the hospital as his eye is no closer to being cleared up. It seems to get better when on treatment, and then when he finishes his course he seems to go backwards.
Hospital - Isolation

Isolation Pen 1 - On the 20th of January 2008 we received a call about a pup in Port Issac. We sent out some volunteers who live in the area and when they located the pup they called us at the Sanctuary, where we told them to bring it in. At the Sanctuary, the pup was put in to isolation 1 and given a clinical assessment. The pup weighed 15.5 kilos and was around 10-12 weeks old with puncture wounds to its rear flippers. The pup has been put on a course of antibiotics and pain relief. The pup is a little boy and has been called Davy.
Isolation Pen 2 - On the 18th of January 2008 we received a call about a seal at Marazion with fishing netting around its neck. The pup was thin and so was picked up and brought back to the Sanctuary. The netting had gone quite deep around its neck so the wound was cleaned and treated with the antibiotic spray, plus the pup was put on a course of antibiotics and pain relief. The pup weighed 15 kilos and was given fluids for the first 24 hours before being fed fish. The pup is a little girl and has been called Jenifer.Jenifer
Isolation Pen 3 - Sebastian continues to eat well and is now feeling a lot better. He is very aggressive and has a very long neck, this makes it difficult getting in to his pen, as he likes to try and bite the Animal Care Team.
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