Update 20th January 2005



 Magnusí right eye is looking better every week; he is hungry and feeding well.


Fatima, Sheba, Anneka and Lizzie are all feeding well preparing themselves for their annual moult.  Sheba is the first to begin moulting and is now sporting half her old brown coat and half her new shiny silver coat!


Snoopy is still suffering from a tickly cough for which she is being treated with a course of antibiotics.


Attie, Marlin and Ray are obviously losing out a little to the pups at feeding time as whenever the Animal Care Team arrive in the fish van, they jump out on the side hoping to be first in the queue.


This week Flotsam and Jetsam appear to have been training for the Olympics!

They have been seen porpoising through the water which involves the seals swimming very fast and bringing their whole bodies out of the water!


Flipper is getting cheekier every day, although his training is very impressive, he is taking a few liberties.  This week has seen the introduction of pallets onto the sides of the pool, to act as scales, and both Flipper and Logs are proving to be very confident in jumping up on them to receive a fish.  


Rocky and Pepper are also doing well with their training at present and Pepper especially is enjoying our recent delivery of large sardines which she receives afterwards!


Carus and Dipsy are still as always the lovely couple and Carus is currently enjoying quite a mixture of different fish at feed time, although nothing could replace his favourite, Conger Eel!


Thai and Bamboo have been very picky when it comes to their food this week, as they are opting for more fish instead of their previous favourite, chicks.


Ponies and Goats - Bracken, Tuppence, Churchill, Monty, Elvis and Priscilla are far from impressed this week as the warm winter sun weíve been seeing has been replaced with wind and rain, leaving us with some very soggy residents!  




Arrow, Trent, Taff, Wriggle and Alpha are still all feeding well as they await the day of their release.


Ribble, Cale, Red, Severn, Eden, Keekle, Camel and Frome are doing really well in the convalescent pool as they continue to fight it out for their fish with the larger residents.


This week also had a surprise in store for Lew and Dart.  After seeing Esk make her way from the nursery pools into the convalescent pool, they had their gate removed and have been sent out to fight for themselves with the big guys!


Dee - After his visit to the vet last week, Dee has now been moved out of the hospital and down to the nursery pools. This will give him the chance to practice his swimming and start using that shoulder.


Hope - The beginning of the week saw a visit from the vet for Hope as her stitches were removed. Her eye is now completely healed and so she has been swiftly moved down to the pools to join Dee......bet she didnít see that one coming!


Teign - Since her arrival at the hospital, Teign is now looking very impressive. Her swollen jaw has returned to normal and she is feeding well on her own. Her pool is now being filled on a regular basis and this week she received her flipper tag ready for her move out of the hospital.


Smokey has continued to do very well for himself here in the hospital and so this week he has joined some of his fellow pups down at the pools, leaving Clyde with a new inmate.


Kenn and Claw also continue to do well down at the pools and are due to be moved in with Dee and Hope very soon.


Dagger, our new arrival, is settling in nicely with her pool mates Ermine and Breezie and has now been given her flipper tag. She continues to be the strongest feeder in the pool but more competition has arrived now that Smokey has come to join them.


Since returning to the hospital, Bubbles has been moved into a pen with Clyde, letís hope he can teach him a thing or two about fish!


Last but not least we have another new pup. Saturday (15th January 05) saw the arrival of Don, a very handsome little seal from St Ives.  He came to us malnourished and with a nasty wound on his rear flipper, but he is doing very well in the hospital and has no problem gobbling up all his fish at feed times.


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