Update 19th October 2007
It has been a quiet week for our residents, but the Animal Care Team have been kept busy by some new arrivals at the Hospital.
Mina, our first rescued seal pup of the 2007/8, was weighed again on Wednesday (17th of October), she has, over the last six days, put on 1 kilo, so Mina was moved from the isolation pen into our main hospital.
Our second rescued seal pup - On Thursday (18th October), the Seal Sanctuary received a call from a couple in Bude, who were concerned about a seal that was in trouble. Tamara got together the rescue kit and cage and headed out. On her arrival she found a very large pup, which was lying in the middle of the beach, but due to the amount of people crowding around it and it's wounds, Tamara decided to take it back to the Sanctuary.
The pup was then put in to isolation 2 and given a clinical assessment. The pup was dehydrated and had a high temperature, plus puncture wounds to its front left flippers. These were cleaned and treated with an antibiotic spray, the pup was also given a course of antibiotics, pain relief and multivitamins. The pup is quite big at 27 kilos and about 2 weeks old, as it is a little boy, we have named him 'Kitto' which is Cornish for Christopher.
Our third rescued seal pup arrived today (Friday 19th October), we received a call about another pup in Bude, and this time we called on the BDMLR to go out for us. This pup was also quite big, but did have puncture wounds to the underside and rear hock. We decided to bring the pup back to the Sanctuary, so the BDMLR transported the pup to our hospital.

Back at the Seal Sanctuary the pup was put in to isolation 1 and we then gave it a clinical assessment. The pup had puncture wounds to its underside and rear left hock. All wounds were treated with antibiotic spray and he was given a course of antibiotics and pain relief. This pup is very big and weighed 30.5 kilos. This pup will be given zoo-light for the first week, this will help him to feel hungry and then we can start him on fish. This pup is a little boy around 2 weeks old and has been called 'Digory'.
Malcolmina, the first seal pup of the season for 2007/8 - Photo was taken by Rachael Vine Kitto, the second seal pup of the season for 2007/8 - Photo was taken by Rachael Vine Digory, the third seal pup of the season for 2007/8  - Photo was taken by Rachael Vine
Sahara, the hooded seal, was released back into the wild off the Scottish coast on 9th October 2007. You can follow his progress via satellite tracking if you click on this link. The graphs are updated on a daily basis and you can also see an amazing 3D image of part of Sahara's travels.
Did you know that.....Each pup can cost up to 1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to adopt a pup
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