Sanctuary's Latest News Update 19th September 2008

Fatima is still looking a little large and feeding well. Anneka is trying to pull a fast one with the Animal Care Team but she is still squinting at feeding time. Sheba (right) is starting to take an interest in Marlin and Ray. Lizzie is still holding her position in the convalescent pool as Queen of the Top Step. Snoopy is enjoying being in the nursery pool and staring at the visitors through the underwater viewing windows. Ray is spending lots of time sleeping on the side of the pool and basking in the sunshine. Marlin is still a little quite but feeding well. Attie has been spending her time on the side of the pool in the sunshine, but is keeping cool by putting her head in the water. Sheba
LunaLuna (left) and Sija have now gone from being bored with training to refusing to come out of the pool. After the incident with the bucket last week, Flipper didn't fall again for it this week. Yulelogs is doing lots of spinning & rolling and still sporting his summer highlights. The sunshine is pleasing all the residents including Rocky and Boadi, as for most of the day you will find them sitting in the haul out. Andy is spending his time sitting in the sunshine, while Chaff likes to spend his time making use of the pool being empty and doing lots of swimming. Sahara is still excited about the ice and enjoying his last feed of the day, as visitors get the chance to feed him for a small donation to his new pool.
Now that the plant situation has been sorted in Thai and Bamboo's enclosure, we have happy otters. They must enjoy the new smells as they can be found sleeping next to the herbs.

Stanley, the sheep, and the goats are all very happy about the sunshine and have even started to look forward to their walks. The photo right is of Priscilla.

The ponies are enjoying the grass, at the beginning of the week, a little too much grass was consumed, and a sit down and a rest was in order.
Photo of April was taken by Véronique CrombéApril (left), a rescued seal pup for 2007/8 season, was moved into the convalescent pool, she was a little scared to start with but was brave to sneak past Snoopy and get back into her little nursery pool, where she now resides.

Skittles, our first rescued seal pup for this season (2008/9), is doing really well and starting to moult her white coat. She is still receiving treatment for her eye, and will be moving on to whole fish very soon.
Did you know...£2 per month will provide 10 days of medication for a hyperthyroid seal
£5 per month will allow us train one additional seal rescue volunteer
£10 per month will pay for one day’s fish for the resident seals

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